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I'm 28 yr old 5'10 200 pound. Been playing pro rugby but have stopped about 2 years ago. Still training pretty hard and have very good muscle mass all over. Looking to shred up and lean out. Got some Oilbased stan and wanting to find out more about how long to cycle for. Weeks/dosage etc. Not interested in adding anything else.


16 Dec 2008 12:29
I should mention that this is my first and will be my last cycle too.  

16 Dec 2008 14:59
if your looknig to shread up gotta work on the diet bro... steroids wont help you in that department... stan is meant to harden you up when you have your BF down to 8-  

16 Dec 2008 21:26
test for first cycle.
and btw,we all started with "im only doing one cycle" lol  

16 Dec 2008 21:29
I know, the diet is the killer. Have you guys tried stan? how does it go as far as increased energy and strength?  

17 Dec 2008 10:59
I should mention that I am on a strict diet and cutting down the pounds nicely - doing an hour of high intense cardio every second night. As for lifting, 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on followed by a circuit training on the 6th day then rest on the 7th.  

17 Dec 2008 16:38
Why would you think it give you energy? Do you even know what it is suppose to do?  

23 Dec 2008 06:22
I dont think it will give me any increased energy thus the question,,, please see below  

24 Dec 2008 12:28
let me rephrase once more, before i get my head bitten off! What i am asking is, do you "feel" any different when you are on a cycle or is simply that you see better results from your workouts?  

24 Dec 2008 17:07
it depends.if you do a test cycle you will feel great.but if you try one of those dopey cyles without any test in there,you will feel disappointed and crappy.the male body is meant to run on test,so why not put MORE TEST  

24 Dec 2008 22:47
I have a friend who is doing 300mg of Boldenone and Stano every 3rd day - the dude looks chiselled as anything and I would say that I was of similar size, with nowhere near the defenition,,, I think I want to do the same cycle - thoughts please????????  

25 Dec 2008 12:24
its obvious your gonna do what you want to why keep asking us??? we gave you our opinion.take it or leave it.and just cause your friend looks like that doesnt mean you will.i guess if i take the same as cutler i will look like him.LMAO  

25 Dec 2008 23:27
I have to agree with bignready on this one you sound like you already made up your mind. For a first cycle I'd opt for Test. getting "chiselled" isn't what AAS or supplement you put in your body but the diet and training you are doing. Winny hurts alot of people's joints dries you out. Although commonly known most people don't run it correctly or shouldn't even be running it IMO.  

27 Dec 2008 11:31

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