low carb diet n cardio

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was about 70kgs... tried 20mg per day of anaval for 9weeks...

wasnt expecting huge gains obviously..
but the gains i made were solid n strong...

was trying to lean up at the same time.. worked pretty well..

ended up around 73kgs after the 9 weeks,.vascularity was quite high, with solid lean gains.  

14 Nov 2008 08:09
anal what? id never run that on its own. weird 9 wk cycle. get on anabolic zone and find a decent cycle if you think youre ready for AAS. at 73kgs though i doubt you are. You look in decent shape bro. Youre neglecting your triceps though. ther 2/3s of you arm. if you want thickness in your arms, hit your tris hard.  

14 Nov 2008 22:39
cheers for feedback  

15 Nov 2008 20:56
nice thanks for sharing your picture  

30 Dec 2008 10:53

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