Need some advice please, Don't want to hurt myself

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Alright guys I've been doing tons of reading and searching on the forums and know at my age roids are not safe. I'm currently 6'3, around 205lbs and 19 years old. I've been lifting for a while but am not gaining the way I would like to anymore. I don't want to damage my body or have long lasting effects. So with this said what is safe for me to take? Maybe in minor doses? I have buddys who lift and are HUGE but they hold nothing back and will take almost anything. I hear so much about dianobol, deca, anadrall-50, winny, etc. And I'm curious about them. What won't upset my bodys natural production of test? Whats safest at my age?

Sorry guys, I'm new at this and would really appreciate any advice you can give me. I've already looked over all the topics I can find, so please don't just tell me to read more on here I can't find the info I'm looking for. Thanks for your time!  

13 Nov 2008 20:15
Well all AAS will shut you down. Best at your age is to eat lots of clean foods and train hard. I'd wait a few years at least. Make sure you have a good quality diet and training routine. Most the time when people aren't gaining it's because they aren't eating enough. Secondly try switching the training up a bit if you've been doing the same routine for a long period of time.  

14 Nov 2008 06:18
I'm just curious from reading here(Not that I will do this just trying to learn). What is so wrong with just a cycle of Dbol? Everybody says its no good but no one explains why.

My buddys, age's 20,20, and 21, are all wanting to do it. And they do NOT have the lifting experiance or diet.(I tried explaining the atleast need a good base first) I need stuff to back up my claims on why its a bad idea other than just the health problems I keep warning about.

These guys are really convinced they want to do something, what can I tell them is the safest if they won't give it up? I don't want to see them doing anything but when it really comes down to it what will do the least damage?

Thanks for the help guys I'll keep searching..  

19 Nov 2008 21:47
fast gains = fast loses... and your just messing with your hormones that you dont need to at this age... a lot of diets on here to get you started... the only time you need to run dbol is to jumpstart a cycle when your doing a real one...

people run dbol for 4 weeks.. gain about 15 pounds of water, start PCT and they lose most of it and wondered what happned.  

19 Nov 2008 22:48
Thanks, its things like that I'm looking for. I didn't know if I could safley say the would lose most of their gains.  

19 Nov 2008 22:57

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