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I can only get my hands on EQ from a legitimate source. I am going to take 600 / week. I am 5'9 195 lbs, 22 years old, 15 % BF. I could def. make more gains with my regimen and strict nutrition but I want something to give me a boost, It's almost a mental thing, I want to try it and I want to add 10 - 15 lbs lean mass and harden out. I have a lot of knowledge on how to train and eat. I work as a personal trainer so I can be very structured with my workouts. I would characterize my body type as an endo/mesomorph, I currently fnd i get the best results lifting heavy, intensive dominant workouts workin 85 - 100% of my max going no more that 5 reps per set, maxing - anchor lifts once a month. I am going to be eating about 4000 kcals a day getting about 1.5 g per lb i weigh, 70 % of my energy calories from healthy fat and 30% from carbs ( sticking to carbs at breakfast and post workout). What can i expect to see, how long should i be on eq to see good gains. what advice can you give me as far as, training, nutrition, additional supplementation. Don't bother telling me what other anabolics to stack it with i cant get them tright now, if you really think ill get nothing from 600 a week of EQ let me know i prob try it anyway but i'll hear you out. Thanks  

11 Nov 2008 23:47
It will be about 4-5 weeks before you feel anything I'd run it for at least 12 weeks. You'll see some good gains I'd believe, I've heard of people only running EQ, but no personal experience. Keep your diet and training in check and you'll see some nice gains but nothing drastic I wouldn't think. You have your PCT I am hoping.  

12 Nov 2008 03:58
My Stats:
22 years old
training consistently since i was 18
im 5'9 195 lbs 15.7% BF endo-mesomorph
Goals are to add 15 lbs lean muscle while leaning out


13 Nov 2008 04:37
What is your current training? If you have a solid routine you don't need to change it up just because you are on something. You have PCT RIGHT?  

13 Nov 2008 05:25
i wouldnt run it without test  

13 Nov 2008 23:59
[QUOTE=Dex2;92933]i wouldnt run it without test[/QUOTE]

actually if I was only doing one AAS that wasn't test I'd choose EQ most likely  

14 Nov 2008 06:14
[QUOTE=jcvaughn26;92886] You have PCT RIGHT?[/QUOTE]

this is what i was thinking the whole time he said he could only get eq. and i would say due to a lack of an answer he means no :laughing:  

14 Nov 2008 20:01
For PCT I was going to be running a Novadex or 6 - oxo for 3 weeks after, To be honest I was going to inquire on what to do for PCT a little later into the cycle when that time got closer. I was told by a few people novedex would suffice. Would love to hear any kind of better suggestions! Thanks  

19 Nov 2008 04:10
Never ever start a cycle without having your pct lined out first. You never know what will happen you might have to cut it short.  

19 Nov 2008 05:01
I do have 6 - 0xo already in my hands so will that do, or should i grab something else. I would hope I don't have to cut anything short, valid point though!  

19 Nov 2008 05:43
i would nt use otc pct with real juice.if you are gonna use prescript med to cycle then use prescript meds for pct man  

26 Nov 2008 18:08
I havent started the cycle, I am using this as my research so please let me know what i should get for PCT - i can't get / afford test and EQ so im only going to run EQ 2 CC a week for 10 - 12 weeks - obviously i'll find the money for pct regardless so let me know what to look for  

01 Dec 2008 05:08
Then wait and save up for some test why do a cycle if youre not going to do it right? That is just stupid.  

01 Dec 2008 06:16

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