I Need a beginners cycle please!!! need help

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I have been lifting ever since i was 18. Im 23 now, 5'10 weigh 175. I wanted to start my first cycle. Not sure was thinking:

250 mg/ml Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) +
250 mg/ml Testosterone Enanthate.


250mg/ml Sustanon +
50mg/ml Winstrol

I wanted to do a like a 2-3 month cycle. I want to gain 10-15 pounds muscle. Don't want to get to huge. Semi average looking size. This might be a low dosage cause i see like 500mg equipoise and 250 test. Not sure, is this a good ml dosage to start with let me know please. Thanks!

Let me know if have any other suggestions.  

05 Nov 2008 04:03
You need to learn a shiton more..Just do sust at 500mg a week for 10weeks and see how that goes.  

05 Nov 2008 05:49
Isn't sust 500 really oily? As far as the liquid injectables go? And doesn't that one cause the most acne ie: hair loss and what not???

I thought equipoise was by far superior over Sust??? Am i wrong??? What are peoples experience over Sust over eq??  

05 Nov 2008 11:41
Yes you are very wrong you cant compare EQ and sust one is test one isnt..Test is king period.  

06 Nov 2008 05:57
really oily?  

06 Nov 2008 06:10
Cool Thanks Storm for your advice! So your saying I should start w/

500 Sust a week. And build from there? Am i gonna need nova/clomid around week 6 you say? To prevent gynecomastia?

Also should i be taking oral winny to maximize strength? And is oral pills really harsh on yo liver? That's what i read...  

06 Nov 2008 12:29
its good to have the nolva on hand.you wont know if you need them until the cycle kicks in.everyone is different.but have them ready in case.dont do the winny yet.if you wanted to do an oral,i would use some dbols to kickstart but thats all.and yes they are harsh on your liver.get some liv52's to help  

06 Nov 2008 18:44
currently i am taking 400mg a week or cyp into my legs. i was just wondering if this was a mild dose ? im looking to still make gains while keeping sides minimal. my stats are 6 feet tall 190 training nateral for 3 years and im 20. i get atleast 250grams of protien per day and around 4500 to 5000 calories a day thanks to weigh gainers and meal replacments. also my quad is still soar from a few weeks ago when i injected 2 ml of test into it? can hardly bend it back. somthing to be worried about? thanks bros  

26 Nov 2008 07:20

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