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Posted for dreamache. Check out this site for a cool training journal. It is a really good way to track your progress using charts and records.  

08 Oct 2004 23:28
Hi my name is Arslan i was a skinny guy, i joined a gym and now i improve myself little bit,,but i can not gain my biceps,is anyone here to help and train me how to gain body and specially biceps??????anyone?i am new here...  

14 Apr 2005 17:11
Arslan I dont know your experience or your workouts. The following is a list of things I need to know to answer your question.

Biceps in inches around=

You can e-mail me at  

05 Jun 2005 05:11
There's another software-based training journal that I am partial to (I'll admit, it's because I built it) available at:  

26 Sep 2005 21:54
Hello everyone. I have been viewing the posting back and forth and would like to give my two cents. Many supplements on the market are worthless or just downright dangerous. Please don't be naive and think that gaining 25 pounds of muscle in just 6,7,8 weeks is natural or good for you. Your body is not intended to do that. Personally, I have tried many strategies and products on the market, and the two that have worked best for me are “The Truth about Muscle Building” and “No Nonsense Muscle Building”. Both bodybuilders I respect and know on a fairly personal level. I trust each of them, and have followed both of their strategies with great success. They aren’t just selling another product. If your wanting to add some serious size, as well as change up your thinking, I suggest either one. Their links are below. These are not easy programs to follow, but if your dedicated, you will achieve results!  

29 Mar 2007 03:13
What is your problem.. havnet you seen this thread has been dead for years now... And please no advertisement  

29 Mar 2007 03:47
John H
hes posted on like every topic now. wheres a mod when you need them  

29 Mar 2007 03:48
Haha thats the truth  

29 Mar 2007 04:10
[QUOTE=home_gym_guy]There's another software-based training journal that I am partial to (I'll admit, it's because I built it) available at:[/QUOTE]

mods should edit out sir spamalot!  

01 May 2007 04:45

Check out for the ultimate body building manual.


12 May 2007 20:16
Check out for some fitness tips. :thumbs:  

17 Dec 2007 16:08
Hi, I am a recent college graduate. I used to run cross country and was on the track and soccer teams in high school and college. Now, two years after college and working full time, I can barely find the time to workout and go running. However, I think my problem is that I don't have a set schedule or workout plan that I can follow that will ultimately get me back in shape. Even though I wasn't too big (125-130 lbs fluctuated and some muscle) when I was in sports, I was very fit and toned. I am losing all that now. Currently, I am 138 lbs., no abs, and losing upper body. If there is anyone who can help that would be great. Just let me know what information you would need. I am looking for a good workout regimen (3-4 times a week which I will try to fit in my schedule after or before work) and any diets or supplements I should be taking. I've read about tons of gainers and stuff that I wouldn't mind using if they will help. I want to gain some weight as well since I am not really into competing anymore. thanks and I hope someone can help...  

31 Aug 2008 02:29
Fitness Journals are a must if you really want to see improvements in your workouts. Thanks for the post. I've been looking for some new ones.  

07 Oct 2008 21:01
nice site thanks for sharing  

30 Dec 2008 10:49
Building muscle takes time and experience. Everyone has and need their different method when it comes to weight lifting. When building muscle you need to not only focus on building and toning, but on what you eat as well.Adding protein shakes strengthens your joints and muscles so that you can tone and shape your body without being malnourished. Eating foods high in protein is important too.  

19 Dec 2009 15:47
I do agree with you!  

06 Jan 2010 18:13

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