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Hey all

1st- im so sorry if i posted this thread on a wrong place and im sorry if some1 did it b4 me and i didnt read it Sad ( i have a noob dail up connections 56kbps) cant check all of the site [i have tried google, it seems ok, but i want to ask some prof. ppl )^^

2nd- i wanna ask u guys if i should take Stanazol (Stanazolol) With Ephidreen to burn fat, my coach in my gym told me to take Stanazol ( i need 60ml from it [2ml every shot] within 2 months) with some Ephidreen tabs, to Burn ALL of the fat that i got and get a very good body with an acceptble muscles (not so big^^) :confused:

well, im 17 years old, 186cm, 97kg

i took ephidreen tabs alone before, but actually it didnt help me that much and i didnt see any side effect from it, the only good thing from ephidreen was that i dont feel hungry all of that as long as am taking it

and i just want to know if i can take Stanazol without getting any side effect

hope u can help me :rolleyes:

Regards Smile

23 Oct 2008 13:36
17 years old and zero exp and no need what so ever to take steroids should be our answer..  

23 Oct 2008 19:01
Don't take any at all. Right now your body is producing so many anabolic hormones naturally because your so young. You may not know but honestly your practically gonna be on steroids naturally for another four years if not more! Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Insulin ect. A cocktail of anabolics are going thru your body right now while you read this. So there is no reason at all to take stanazolol. Get alot of sleep. I would say 8 to 9 hours a day since it boost Growth Hormone which burns alot of fat. I would recommend L-Glutamine and 2 grams of Protein per pound of body weight while you diet.  

23 Oct 2008 23:14
1st of all, really thanks alot for ur help guys, i appreciate it Smile

2nd- i have been playing (Bodybuidling) for 4 months, i was 107kg, and i lost 10kg with 4 months
and now im trying to make some diets but i cant lose fat same as b4, so i asked my coach and he told me to take stanazol, for 2months ((60ml)) of it, each shot 2m and with an easy diet i can lose ALL of that fat that i got and get such a great body as what he said

and for my age, i saw many ppl taking steroids and the ages was 16--18 ... like Testosterone, Stanazol, G-H..etc

so i was wondering if i can take that much of stanazol to burn these ****ing fat that i got left easly and fast
so i decided to ask a prof. help (from u guys) :D

im sorry for writing that much, and sorry for my bad english >.<

and Thanks again<333  

24 Oct 2008 01:24
Your "coach" is a freaking idiot you are to young to take steroids and you're showing what a compete idiot by considering it..You will get no respect what so ever by doing it at such a young age..It shows how insecure you are and pretty much shows you cant set goals and achieve them because you want to take the easy way out..In other words it makes you a big pussy if you dont understand..That is the truth.  

24 Oct 2008 02:54
Oh and lastly winstrol DOES NOT BURN FAT.  

24 Oct 2008 02:56
Sad kk thx alot  

24 Oct 2008 11:41
Anabolics are for the old


25 Oct 2008 00:00
Sad i thought i could take some of it

and Strom, im sure u know much more than me but
my coach gave a friend of mine LOT of Stanazol+Ephidreen and made him lose 45KG, and after that he gave him G-H

anyway i decided to start a diet with gym
i have 1 more question i guess :D
i have
1-Amino 1000
2-Whey Protien
5-Vitamins (a-z) tabs

what should i take from them for my gym?
(to burn fat)  

25 Oct 2008 00:55
Not trying to be a dick to you bro juts telling you the truth..They didnt lose 45kgs off the winny then lost it off upping their training and dieting right and the ephedra as a fat burner..Winstrol is a hardening drug it is cosmetic you wont see what it does until you get very lean below 7% bodyfat..

I can promise you I know more then your coach does there is no way in this world I would ever tell anyone under a certain age to do steroids especially not 17yrs old with very little training..

Your coach is putting you into danger so open your eyes and be the one who uses a brain and does it right.  

25 Oct 2008 02:03
aight, thanks alot <33  

25 Oct 2008 11:23
Don't take any Stanazolol at all. Right now your body is producing anabolic hormones.anabolics are going thru your body right now


26 Oct 2008 06:01
thats what im going to do Smile

work harder with diet and not to take any hormome at all Smile
thanks alot <3  

26 Oct 2008 12:15
hey guys, first time blogger.

been training for years and playing league but wanting to strip down fat.
got my hands on stanazol tabs .5 mls each tab, just curious to no if they are affective for weight loss and how i should be cycling them. ive been told 3 tabs a day, so all up 1.5 mls a day for 6 days a week for a 6 week cycle. does that sound about right??

any info much appreciated:thumbs:  

05 Nov 2008 02:54

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