3 weeks out

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these are old but i wanted to show my boy cani

the leg shot is from 7 weeks i dont have any current ones

all the others are from about 3 weeks out
i dont take pics of myself after then i get to pissed hahah  

21 Oct 2008 05:37
Dude! Your delts are like cantelopes!!!!!!! Nice Work Bro!:thumbs:  

21 Oct 2008 06:37
how old are you? looking cut.  

01 Nov 2008 04:19
19 there turned 20 day before show lol
in the mids i took 4th out of 19 guys, i was the youngest guy by 8 years...i am very proud of where i placed and just getting settled into a very productive offseason.
i wont compete until for another year or more but i feel like i am going to make osme radical changes this time around.

pics from the show soon to come  

03 Nov 2008 23:19
nice job!  

03 Nov 2008 23:23
looking great TOG. where you been lately?  

04 Nov 2008 01:27
all over the place bro i opened up my own max muscle and havent been ale to sit down for a min hahaha

how you doin man?
hows training? and life?  

10 Nov 2008 09:25
training is goin pretty good but i didnt get quite as lean as i was wanting to. now its back in to bulking for the winter. i guess there is always next year. keep us updated on the show  

11 Nov 2008 22:21
awesome :O  

12 Nov 2008 12:55
congrats on the show man, I did a teen comp 3 weeks ago and came 2nd in nationals but it was heaps close and could've gone either way.

You have big legs and great shoulder development. You going to compete regularly or was it just for the experience?  

13 Nov 2008 15:35
love those delts!  

28 Nov 2008 23:35
ill be competing for a while...still young and hungry as ever!!!  

16 Dec 2008 08:42
great job  

30 Dec 2008 10:55
Is it not too early for your age to had that kind of body? Pretty nice!  

02 Apr 2010 04:03

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