Work site drug testing??

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hey guys, i get drug tested at work and wondering if my cycle will come up and ill be fired??

The drug testing is the normal testing of Thc, opiates, pcp, cocaine, meth..

Will my test, deca, d-bol come up on any of that,

Anyone have any experience in this situation???

Please help for the love of god..  

17 Oct 2008 12:04
I took a drug test for a job I was applying for earlier this year maybe a week or two after i started taking anavar and albuterol. The good news is that the albuterol and anavar didn't show on the test results but tested positive for weed.:confused: So I really dont know if they check for it or it was too early into the cycle where they could not detect it. That was my experience. Good luck.  

17 Oct 2008 22:16
No it should not show up on your drug test. 99.9% of drug test for work don't include AAS. Including most federal jobs.  

18 Oct 2008 10:47
drug test, boah such a long story...  

26 Oct 2008 12:16

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