Don't buy "Extreme Shock" energy drinks

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Seriously, they suck. I guess it can be classified as one of those "thermogenic" pre-workout supplements. I bought one today at the Vitamin Shoppe and drank it on my way home. 15 minutes later I was overcome by a prickly, itchy sensation like ants crawling all over me. My face began itching uncontrollably and it really sucked. The back of my neck began to burn and my hands started sweating.

When I got home I read the label, to find it had 40mg of niacin! That's 200% packed into one little juice bottle! Horrible, and not something I would call a very "motivating" pre-workout drink.

I also bought my first tub of N.O. Xplode. I hope that doesn't suck, I have 40 servings of it now.:ohcrap:  

13 Oct 2008 04:08
take an aspirin if you want to avoid the effects of niacin... have tkaen it before and actually like that feeling  

13 Oct 2008 08:46
An aspirin, huh? Interesting. The effect wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for the itch that came with it. Is niacin actually considered a useful energy supplement?  

13 Oct 2008 13:45
what sups can you find niacin in.  

13 Oct 2008 14:48
I also bought my first tub of N.O. Xplode. I hope that doesn't suck, I have 40 servings of it now.:ohcrap:[/QUOTE]

some people like it but in my opinion N.O. explode= the suk :aah:  

13 Oct 2008 22:06
Thanks for the heads up on this drink! Wow...sounds like it was pretty uncomfortable for you. That's a pretty good shot of niacin in one taking!  

17 Oct 2008 18:29
Look Extreme shock is the best and most effective PRE WORK OUT drink on the market period. Who ever this guy is whos saying dont take it cleary doesnt know anything about lifting and getting ripped:confused:. You only take a PRE WORK OUT before you work out that how they got the name dude. Iv personaly used the supplement and its been giving me the best workouts I have ever had. This stuff works Period try it out and youl see what I mean:thumbs:  

06 Oct 2010 05:47
caffeine is even cheaper and would probably give you more bang than a 5 hour energy I dont think they have 200mg in those, do they?  

07 Dec 2010 13:29

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