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Who has the best workout routine? I am creating a new workout routine for a friend, so i'm collecting information for multiple sources to make the best plan. Any feed back is appreciated.  

01 Oct 2008 22:09
there is no such thing as a "best" workout routine..  

01 Oct 2008 23:40
Well there are many programs but i have found on the internet. I have now used it for 3 months and i have achived great results. you can check it out on

i think it is very good and anyone can used it

Bravo Prim  

02 Oct 2008 16:33
good anwser charlybrown... you are right. i was just curious of the different responses people would give to that question.  

07 Oct 2008 21:17
do I win a prize for answering your trick question? Smile  

08 Oct 2008 06:27

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