review my cycle sustanon/andriol/proviron

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this is my second cycle
going for 5 weeks this time

week 1-2
sustanon 500 mg
andriol 80mg/day
proviron 100mg/day

week 3-4
sustanon 750 mg
andriol 80mg/day
proviron 100mg/day

week 5
sustanon 250 mg
andriol 40mg/day
proviron 50mg/day

week 6-off

week 7-
hcg 2000IU

week 8-

hcg 3000IU

week 9-

howz it how much gains should i expect will be taking Nitro Tech along with it  

21 Sep 2008 15:05
You will probably not gain a thing. Do a little research on AAS before you use it brother!!!!  

21 Sep 2008 17:19
5 weeks? Hell of a short cycle for not realy having many fast acting esters.  

22 Sep 2008 03:25
and why take andriol and sust? they are both test and you need more andriol than like storm said 5weeks?
please do some research.what was your first cycle  

22 Sep 2008 04:08
my first cycle was sustanon 250 for 8 weeks
i gained 12 lbs
i hav only these 3 products in my hand thts why i am doing this one
may be i would reduce the dose of sust and extend the cycle to about 8 weeks  

22 Sep 2008 11:39
Geez I didnt eve see the dose of sust there is no need to ramp like that it makes no sense at all.Normally I tell my guys to do 750mg of sust a week anything less doesnt get you there as there are 2 fast esters in the sust 500mgs can be done but 750 is better and you must run it a min of 8 weeks for good results that you can solidify.  

23 Sep 2008 03:13

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