Anybody hear of Zenlab anavar?

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A friend of mine bought some anavar in capsule form 10 mg from Zenlab. Also, has anyone seen 20mg oval anavar tab with DGC on one side and a line in the middle of the other side? I would appreciate it if anyone knows and can tell me if their fake or legit?

12 Sep 2008 04:33
got some at the house exactly the same right down to the barcode not for me though its my boys ill repost to update on potency.
i have some other stuff from them too looks diff from anything i have seen smaller bottles saya made in italy  

25 Sep 2008 05:03
Hi, I live in italia, that wrapping does not exist here, the original commercialized here is this:  

25 Sep 2008 11:10
so i just bought some test 250 by Zenlab but i think its bunk.
i use hypertrophy
never heard of Zenlab test i do a little test myself shoot it in water and see if it does the rainbow affect this didnt do it it just spread out like oil in water.  

27 Sep 2008 08:25

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