New Pics 8/28/08

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Heres a couple of new pics!  

29 Aug 2008 01:37
I did have a tan!  

29 Aug 2008 02:52
hey you dont even look like the same person! :D Great progress and thanks for the pic of your gals tatoo :D lmao! :D  

29 Aug 2008 11:45
amazing bro.i guess all that hard work is paying off.maybe i should try it  

29 Aug 2008 12:09
Thanks fellers. I have been soaking in yalls advice and useing hard work and this is what I have got so far!  

29 Aug 2008 13:20
looking good bro! keep it up  

29 Aug 2008 17:21
Im tryin my best morgan. Its hard to do as you all know. I have noone to workout with. Thats kinda tough. Plus the only gym around here is owned by the hospital so its small,expensive,boaring, and mainly for elders and recovery patients. I was going to get a membership there but they want to do physicals and all kinds of crap. You have to pay like $200 up front. So I will be an at home bb like some of you guys.  

30 Aug 2008 02:25
Great progress ya you dont have a tan in the middle.  

02 Sep 2008 05:35
Thanx Storm. I have took in alot of info from this forum. It has helped me alot. If the newbs here would listen to you guys they can go along way. And yeah I need to do somemore work with the tan!  

02 Sep 2008 06:20
Oh snap I hope the gerbil in that cage isn't for your ass!! Sorry had to gay up the thread a little.  

02 Sep 2008 07:23
LMAO!! No its a hedgehog and its the ladys. LOL!  

02 Sep 2008 14:38
Wow she is a freak!! That has to hurt a little!!  

02 Sep 2008 17:16
LOL, He can and will poke you!!!!!!!!!!  

03 Sep 2008 04:51
:D greta progress brother... we have all seen a good transsition  

03 Sep 2008 07:39
Thanx AB, you have been a great help bro!!!!!!  

03 Sep 2008 08:21

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