New pics!

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Yeah guys here are some new pictures. Let me know what you think






26 Aug 2008 03:18
hats off to you buddy... everytime i see you post pics you are growing... keep it up.. if i recall you have had a great transformation  

26 Aug 2008 04:46
Keep it up man!  

26 Aug 2008 05:53
dude you have made an unreal transformation for such a short amount of time!!! are you on cycle right now?  

27 Aug 2008 18:32
yeah i am currently running 200mg deca/week and 500mg test prop/week. I am just running a short cycle this time just about 6 weeks. I have been taking some supps from iForce Nutrition as well. Finished one bottle of the HumanaTest stacked with tribulils and then i started taking the Testobolan. I figured i would give them a shot because my grandpa is the chemist for a couple different supplement companies and he shipped them to me for free.

thanks for the response guys, means a lot to me to know that you take the time to check out my progress. Smile  

27 Aug 2008 23:26
very good progress man. keep at it!  

27 Aug 2008 23:42
Sounds and looks like you are making some great progress! Nice work!  

17 Oct 2008 18:23
Trance whats it been man like 2 years since you started its amazing the hell did you do it?  

05 Jan 2009 09:08

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