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Awesome stuff comes in 120iu kits..Been on it for almost 4 weeks at 6-9iu a day..Only sides so far are GH paw a little numbness but nothing bad...Sleep like a baby feel great and seeing small changes as the weeks go on..Nails are groing like mad have to cut them every week..Where's my asian nail lady!!! LOL!! These are the 10mg bottles come 4 to a kit..  

08 Sep 2004 19:57
Here are the 20mg bottles 2 to a kits...  

08 Sep 2004 19:59
Very nice Storm, have you noticed your joints feeling any better already?  

09 Sep 2004 00:41
I rwally don't have joint problesm..Do have a knee problem but nothing out of it yet..Halo has some wrist problems and started taking the same companys IGF long R-3 receptor grade..Has not fe;t anything from her wrist in weeks..She has been off the IGF for 2 weeks now and just started the GH yesterday...This brand will be very popular in the next few months..Does cause some welts in some people that is about the only side I have heard of anyone complain about...Welts can happen with any GH so that is nothing new...Storm  

09 Sep 2004 03:05
Just curious if there are any fakes of these yet...The ones I have look the same but don't have the cap on top, just an exposed stopper.  

13 Oct 2004 18:49

13 Oct 2004 19:16
I just picked up a few more kits last week and had the same thing bro..The director apologized and explained his top supplier ran out so instead of making us wait he sent them out...No biggie I trust this brand totally..I will say this after eading back on this thread some..This stuff is strong!! I played around with the doses and went up to 9iu..After only a few days of that my joints started aching bigtime..All of them..

This is a side your joints go into a growth phase so they will hurt..Man did they I backed it down to 6iu and have been fine with that..Even though I do have a little GH hands it doesn't look bad as I have seen with some guy who look like they have water bags in their fingers..  

13 Oct 2004 19:27
Oh I doubt there will be fakes of this brand..They are fairly new and not many know how good they are yet..Post up your feeling on them when you have run it for 4 weeks or so bro...Storm  

13 Oct 2004 19:30
Ok thanks Bro...just wanted to be sure...I have 5 kits so I'll keep everyone posted on my results as well.  

13 Oct 2004 19:36
Yes please do that I noticed small things around the 4 week mark..Hair was thicker slept much better, nails just grow way to fast I have to cut them once a week..  

13 Oct 2004 20:20
They have a website up now check it out..  

18 Oct 2004 20:32
Their website is up and running..  

18 Oct 2004 20:41

I'm thinking of purchasing the same stuff.

Can we get an update on your results?

Thanks man!


29 Oct 2004 19:53
[QUOTE=Storm]Yes please do that I noticed small things around the 4 week mark..Hair was thicker slept much better, nails just grow way to fast I have to cut them once a week..[/QUOTE]

thats good to know bro  

29 Oct 2004 21:09
How much water do you add to the 20 mg kits?  

25 Feb 2005 23:31
20mg kit you would do 3mls to make it realy easy..So after adding in 3ml of bac water you would have 1iu of GH per 5iu of liquid  

26 Feb 2005 06:37
This is very interesting.  

26 Feb 2005 18:14
i still mean jintropin rule....1ml =10iu HGH  

28 Feb 2005 12:04
[QUOTE=forbodybuilders]i still mean jintropin rule....1ml =10iu HGH[/QUOTE]

Sure does if you want alot of water retention and like feeling lathargic and crappy...Your conversion really doesn't mean anything 1mg of HGH is equal to 3iu that is what need to be rememebred...  

28 Feb 2005 18:22

I'm a bit of a n00b here so take this for what it is worth.

I really appreciate your insight into this stuff. I just ordered a 5 pack. I'm pretty excited to get started.

Can you confirm that you are experiencing some of the affects (fat loss, muscle growth) to be expected from rHGH?

Thanks man! Appreciate any info you can provide.


17 Mar 2005 07:34
Withdrawn. Sorry, found you over at bolex.  

17 Mar 2005 08:57
:confused: :confused:  

25 Mar 2005 03:33
How much water is needed for 1 10mg bottle of Somatorm?  

06 Jun 2005 17:36
2ml Of Water Will Give You 3iu Of Gh Per 20iu Of Liquid...  

06 Jun 2005 18:01
Thank you!  

07 Jun 2005 16:48
STORM! You are a wealth of knowledge! What do you read? Please e-mail me or send me a message via post.


18 Jun 2005 00:54
I have just been around for awhile and all of my knowledge comes from self exp and or putting others through cycles and diets...Real world know how not by the book bullshit..What do you want to know??  

18 Jun 2005 01:12
I wanted to know what to read. I'm looking for a copy of Steroids 101 but can't. Anyway I'm looking at what cycles to start with. I have some in about three weeks I can put on 15lbs natural but I am looking at my first cycle being EQ & deca 300mg a week for ten. What do you think?

I noticed you are a fan of HGH what do you think?  

18 Jun 2005 02:23
Start your own thread and you'll get a lot more responses. We call that thread jacking. That wouldn't be my choice for a first cycle though. Make a new thread and post up your stats, lifting experience, and so on. HGH is more advance I would never suggest it for the first time user.  

18 Jun 2005 03:12
No problem.


21 Jun 2005 20:55
Your PM is answered and seeing your above post you got a long way to go before you step into this area...  

21 Jun 2005 21:03
I just received some kits, been using somatropin. I am a little confused about the amount of water etc.

My kits contained 20 mg vials and the water that came with them is "Sodium Chloride Injection BP" is that bateriostatic water?

The contents of the hgh bottle is white and not plaky while the contents of the somatropin brand is greish and was flaky.

Did I get the real deal? Also currrently when I use the somatropin with an insulin needle I extract till the line that says 20 "gives me aprox 3 Iu's" How much do i need of this stuff to make it 4 daily iu's?

Thanks fo answers in advance.  

31 Jul 2005 21:33
No offese but you really didn't do much research on HGH...Conversion with all HGH is the same 1mg equals 3iu so depending on what yur vial has in it is the factor of which you will come up with a certain dose..

With the 20mg vials if you put in 3ml of the water you will get 1iu of HGH per 5iu of water you pull out..The sodium chloride provided by the company let's you keep the HGH stable once mixed for up to 6 weeks in a cold fridge..Regular bac water works fine but the max will be 4 weeks..  

01 Aug 2005 02:27
What about ansomone? Does there anyone know about it? I just begin to try it today.  

21 Sep 2005 10:08
hey there, are any of you guys there from Australia, just wondering about the success rate of getting this stuff into Australia. Any suggestions / comments. Any more experiences / results as to the effectiveness of somatorm???  

23 Sep 2005 02:33
start your own thread aussie and the success rate is very low.  

23 Sep 2005 02:46

I tried this after triying a popular HGH brand, I must say that this was a disapointing experience. First and foremost the welts where horrible and hurt like hell, seccondly after a month on it I started to experience dizzy spell. Probably coincidence but after i stop taking it the dizzy spells went away.  

06 Oct 2005 06:29
ne1 ever use cardispan?  

09 Oct 2005 06:26
i used it inconsistantly previously, i remember quick results. just ordered more. but i know no one whos ever used it  

09 Oct 2005 06:28
Ok.. could you move your post to the supplement section not the HGH section :thumbs:  

09 Oct 2005 06:35
[QUOTE=Storm]Awesome stuff comes in 120iu kits..Been on it for almost 4 weeks at 6-9iu a day..Only sides so far are GH paw a little numbness but nothing bad...Sleep like a baby feel great and seeing small changes as the weeks go on..Nails are groing like mad have to cut them every week..Where's my asian nail lady!!! LOL!! These are the 10mg bottles come 4 to a kit..[/QUOTE]

Funny I took Jintropin for about 7 months and it was almost daily I was cutting my finger nails, getting a hair cut weekly and trimming my body hair once a week. I found that to be the worst side effect. Dino  

15 Mar 2007 12:18
Hey guy's just like to know what i can take with Somatorm 20mg  

06 Aug 2007 04:38
Ok, call me an idiot, but I bought some GH from an online friend (female) who has been in the female fitness competition for years and is taking the same GH, as well as other stuff I'm sure.

I finally received my 10 phials, with no labels on them! And 100 pre-packaged needles (I believe the phials are 10ml). They have a maroon colored cap on them (not the kind of 2cc phials you snap/break the top off), and I've been texting her on how to take them, but she's been very impatient lately, snappy, quick answered, and moody as hell, so she's not being cooperative for a so-called friend. Anyway, she said that I need to put 1mg of water into a phial and then inject myself with 2cc's a day.

Well I told her that the needles I have are 1cc/1ml pins, not mg pins, and she said that I need to get a larger needle for the water injection into the GH phials. Well hello, if I had a contact for other pins, then I would've gotten the GH from them as well!

So down to my questions...

How much water, by using my 1cc pins, do I put into each phial, and how much do I inject myself with?

I was told that I have a month supply. So at 10 bottles I calculate 3 days per bottle. Each bottle only fits about 3cc's total of fluid, so did she mean .2cc's a day and not 2cc's per day? Which that would still give me more than 30 shots at 1cc per shot and 3cc of water per phial.

From what I've read online I need to only put 1cc/1ml into the 10ml phial. I've read that posted a lot, but nowhere can I find how much to inject myself with. She's says 2cc's a day. But that would mean 2 phials a day with only a 5 day supply! She doesn't want to explain it to me anymore!

Any help would be highly appreciated.

30 Sep 2007 08:29

04 Jan 2008 17:01
Uh huh so you did spell it wrong.  

05 Jan 2008 00:17

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