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double I
hey starting a new cycle and wanted some opinion. this will be
my third cycle with eq. I love the shit. I'm using the d-bol upon waking and working out about 3 hours later. I will also taper down the injectables for two add. weeks.

500eq wk 1-10
500tst e wk 1-10
25mg a day of dbol wk 1-4
pct will be arimidex(this is all I can get) around wk 13  

21 Aug 2008 11:32
double I
I apologize for not including enough info. I am 25 5'8" and 175 around 12%. I have been training for about 6 years but only the last 2 have been full committment to bodybuilding. My first cycle was EQ only 400mg wk for 8 wks. gained about 10lbs. my second was EQ 400mg wk for 10wks and Test E 400 wk 10wks. gained about 20lbs. I am not really a hard gainer as long as my calorie intake is high. The last year I have increased to around 4000 a day(chicken, steak, rice, fish, potatoes) EFA's and all. supps. are protein(casein and whey depending on timing)creatine, glutamine, vitamins, superfood- fruit and veggies supp.(for extra) BCAAs some waxy maize PW and NO xplode PRE. Ive been up to 190 @ about 13-14% and would like to be around 185 lean.  

21 Aug 2008 21:29
double I
I would appreciate any advice I could get. I have a pretty good grip on training and have done extensive research on steroids but I also understand no matter how much you know somone always knows more and you can always learn. Pls Help out  

21 Aug 2008 21:36
No tapering and arimidex is not what you use for PCT you need some of these itmes...nolvadex,clomid or HCG...if not then go but the best natual test booster you can fin like Isa-test or Anabolic Signal.  

22 Aug 2008 04:01
double I
copy no tapering.... I thought it was unnecessary because of the length but had some advice otherwise.. also I will work on getting the nolva and/or clomid. Thats been the hardest part. thank you for the advice  

22 Aug 2008 05:17
if you can find the jiuce,im sure you can find some nolva,clomid. if you cant find it in pill form,try a research company  

22 Aug 2008 12:36
double I
I can't get hcg. do you think this cycle would even require that. I'm working on the nolva. just having trouble finding. the guy I actually trust can't get it just arimidex for some reason. I might have a shot at clomid. the opinions on PCT vary so much that it's hard to know what to do without experience.  

22 Aug 2008 21:44
don't start your cycle until you have your PCT in check, you'll regret it  

23 Aug 2008 01:11
You very well could regret it!  

23 Aug 2008 01:27
double I
I won't start it just sucks to be sitting on a good cycle  

23 Aug 2008 01:27
double I
[QUOTE=csyflt;89640]You very well could regret it![/QUOTE]

a good friend can get me nolvadex just wondering with this cycle what would be a good dosing schedule for nolva alone.  

23 Aug 2008 03:26
yes you should be fine.. start w/ 80mg  

23 Aug 2008 09:27
double I
allright that's 80 a day? spread out. just want to make sure, alot of conflicting info out there. and I guess 2-3 wks should be plenty for duration. and thanks for all the help for a newby like me.  

23 Aug 2008 10:24
80mg for first days then 40mg for 3 weeks follwed by 20mg if needed til you feel recovered there is no set time line you should follow only until you feel you can come off  

23 Aug 2008 21:10
do ypou even know what HCG,nolva and clomid and arimadex even do? From how you talk you dont..Would HCG even be needed you ask? Well find out what it does I think you will see it can always be "needed"  

24 Aug 2008 01:48
double I
I know HCG helps to increase HPTA recovery by stimulating the Leydig cells. I know Clomid Nolva and Arimidex are forms of ant estro.... I was only stating that I have read that for cylcles less than 12 wks at a medium to low dose that it (HCG) may not be neccesary... just wanted to get some advice from guys who have tried multiple ways I have experimented minimally with PCT  

26 Aug 2008 10:50
double I
how is the HCG int the mexican market any experince finding it or is any legit HCG even available down there????  

27 Aug 2008 09:03

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