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Running a cycle of anavar 50mgs a day wondering how long I should run it for. Also I have mixed answers on following up with clomid. Should I take it and how much and how long.  

16 Aug 2008 07:04
First off you need to post your goals,diet,routine,etc. No one is ganna help you until you do so. Then do a little research on what you are wanting to take. Anavar alone is no cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

16 Aug 2008 12:53
Anavar alone is not the best cycle in the world but only because its so expensive and its not gonna pack on the pounds. So out of curiosity, how did you come to the conclusion anavar is what you want/need?

also not sure why youre getting mixed reviews on taking clomid post cycle. You need to take something whether it be clomid, nolva, toremifiene, etc.  

18 Aug 2008 03:32
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18 Aug 2008 21:24
Anavar alone is a great cycle for man or woman just depnds on your goals and your money..For men yes it can get expensive but if money doesnt matter and youre looking for good lean solid gain in muscle decent strength gains and bale to diet hard while on it anavar is a top choice..

I have put many guys who just want an athletic look on anavar 40-60mgs a day is plenty you can run it for 6-10 weeks and with a good eating plan and smart training great results will be achieved.  

22 Nov 2008 02:30

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