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Please help make me a good weaight lifting program

I am in really bad need of a program to follow. Please help in making me one. GOALS: I

by Bane667   - 1 decade ago

15 Year old needs help!

Well im 15 years old, 6'2 and i weight about 140, ive started to work out and drink weight

by Bane667   - 1 decade ago


Hey, im new to BBForums, and i just wanted to know what was the best training regiment for

by BLEED GREEN   - 1 decade ago

A good Ab workout

I just started working out again and was wondering if anyone knew of a good ab workout th

by musclenut   - 1 decade ago

Which Bicep Routine do you like better?

Which Bicep Routine do you like better and why? Standing BB Curls 3 sets of 8-10 Seate

by Bane667   - 1 decade ago

steroid alternative (diet cycle replacement!)

I am sure you guys have heard of this somewhere, but I happened to stumble upon it by acci

by Bane667   - 1 decade ago

Help on preventing or cushioning pain

I'm 5'3 @ 193lbs and have been working out on and off for a couple years. I got serious a

by synergy   - 1 decade ago

16 Year old in need of help.

Hey guys, Im brand new to the forums here. Ok this is what I want to do. I am 16 yea

by regino007   - 1 decade ago

Help !!

i'm 5'7" and 115ib. anyone can give me a good work out routine i can do to gain a goo

by Durabolin   - 1 decade ago

My Current program

Sit-ups - One a day, half when i get up in the morning, the other half when i lay down at

by ToddBF   - 1 decade ago

Help with Deadlift

I am looking for advice on how to add some pounds to my deadlift...I pull conventional and

by demNiggaz   - 1 decade ago

who here has ever overtrained?

How many of you guys have ever actually overtrained. meaning that you had a number of othe

by inkman   - 1 decade ago

Muscles not visible on shoulders

sir although i regularly do shoulder exercises , but only bones are visible fat

by Hawking   - 1 decade ago

New guy here (despirate)

Hi guys, im a virgin newbie here :) Im in despirate need of good advice. Im 22, weigh in

by Hawking   - 1 decade ago

Rolled shoulders

My shoulders are starting to roll forward from working out, what exercises could be recomm

by Xerxes   - 1 decade ago

WORKOUT + DIET IS THIS OK? (5 day split + 1 cardio day)

Currently Im doing a 6 daya week work out Monday - Bicep (6 workouts 3-4 x 8-10) + Abs T

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

Need help with workout...

Hi, This is my first post on the boards and hopefully you can all help me with my p

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

workout for back problems

I have recently quit smoking, so I really want to start working out. My problem is that I

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

Advice for a beginner

Hi, I just started working out and i'm new to all of this. What i need to know is whether

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

Newb needs help

Ok..well, firstly I apologise for making a new thread when I could probably get info from

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

need some hope, motivation, and answers, please!

Im a 19 year old whose about 5'10" and 170 lbs. Im not exactly skinny but im not fat

by BigWill   - 1 decade ago

Some cool links to help you in training

An endless list of exercises and how to do them.

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

clueless looking to start...

Well i've just started wieght training i'm extremley small and looking to start. Couple qu

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

16 year old needs programme advice + guidance!

wuz wondering if anyone could help! ive been training for about a year now, im pretty sure

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

Martial arts

Right, over the past year I've had a hideous set of routines, which I have put behind me.

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

My recent Discovery

If you want to build muscle it is essential that you work a different group of muscles 6 d

by Strider   - 1 decade ago

Fast grow

Hello people: i'll get married in two months and i'm looking for some advice. Today i'

by sombra1   - 1 decade ago

Cut between pecs

Is the "line" running between ur pecs up to the base of ur neck based on genetic

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

Ab excercises that are ok for people with lower back trouble

hi, just wondering if anyone has any good ab excersices for people who don't want to stres

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

Help Needed with Workout and Diet plan!

I really need some help. I have what you'd call the "fat, skinny guy" body. No c

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

High Intensity Traing

hi i would like to start off by indroducing myself im 15 years old and i love sports but

by rancid_nofx_afi   - 1 decade ago

Beginner's routine and diet

I was wondering what you guys think I should go for. I will start working out in January a

by dy2cakc1   - 1 decade ago

Starting out again after injury

Hey just looking for some advice for starting back into lifting. I've been out for three y

by Anonymous   - 1 decade ago

Good volume workout for bodybuilding?

I've seen a bunch of powerlifting and intensity-type training methods around, but what abo

by dy2cakc1   - 1 decade ago

My workout routine...

I just started to workout, my question is what do you guys think of this training program

by dy2cakc1   - 1 decade ago

Pull ups & Grip

Has anyone here ever been sore in the stomach area after pull ups? and which grip do you a

by dy2cakc1   - 1 decade ago

Cutting question

Aside from aesthetic purposes, is there any benefit to cutting? What if I wanted to bulk f

by dy2cakc1   - 1 decade ago

Ballistic Training?

What exactly is Ballistic Training? Specifically what sort of balistic training would work

by ThePrez   - 1 decade ago

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