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Im 22 years old and need some help!!!

Well Im new to the forum, but Im glad because its the first step to changing my life. Im

by TomSizeMore   - 1 decade ago

always sore

Hey i have a problem with soreness, everytime i workout a bodypart im always sore...and i

by TomSizeMore   - 1 decade ago


my buddy is an ectomorph....really cut cant gain weight easily, hes really strong tho, hes

by bodybuilding=life   - 1 decade ago

best chest workout

right now im doing about 5 sets of 6 reps for incline bench...and thats all i do to work t

by Patrick_Bateman   - 1 decade ago


guys, i need help. i need a really, really ... great abs routine!!! plea

by munequita   - 1 decade ago

Is it possable...

that I can lift 6 days a week??? Problem is, is that I finally figured the nutrition part

by p_man   - 1 decade ago


Age:14 Height:5' 9" Weight: 150 lbs I'm benching 105 3 sets of 4 reps. I am flyi

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago


what exactly is cutting i see alot of ppl talking about it and im new too creatine and wei

by KDHash   - 1 decade ago


I have been weightlifting everyday for the past 5 days. Benchpress, flys, bicep curls, and

by bodybuilding=life   - 1 decade ago


i've been reading a lot of good things on this site. i'm taking some of the advice that w

by Robfromny   - 1 decade ago


wondering if i am doing enough/too much. i work with weights 3 days a week and cardio t

by AMERFOOTBALL   - 1 decade ago

Complete Newb

Hi, my name is John and I'm 18 looking to get into the best shape I can and gain some musc

by estray   - 1 decade ago


Ok. Hey I got a question. I train real well and it has taken me years to understand wh

by PTIBAlla   - 1 decade ago


Would anybody want to give me a couple sample chest routines that has really worked for th

by AMERFOOTBALL   - 1 decade ago


sazon without MSG is a great spice! it increases apitite, looks yummy and orange, and

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago

What's an effective method for ab definiton?

Hi, can anyon tell me an effective method for ab definition? I've tried diet and cardio an

by Robfromny   - 1 decade ago

Help me get my chest bigger!

Wat up again yall the reason why i put out this post is to ask anyone do they have any adv

by AMERFOOTBALL   - 1 decade ago

can anybody tell me how to get stronger?

wat up everybody i was wondering if anyone could give me a little info on how to get stron

by jcvaughn26   - 1 decade ago

show me the money

well i had this big mamba jumba on the dating network a day ago.she wanted me to measure m

by lil bit   - 1 decade ago

yup, made the desicion

i'm gonna stop my test injects this week, only did 7 weeks but the nolva will only help fo

by Robfromny   - 1 decade ago

growth hormone

im 16 and i know this kid who took growth hormone to get taller......i want to be taller a

by jcvaughn26   - 1 decade ago

bicep misery

Well to me my bi seems a little lagging.My back is expolding along with my chest and shoul

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

Lifting in-season

OKay, here's the scoop: I will have wrestling practice for 2 1/2 hours after school, then

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

shortz chest/back 1/2

Not sure I warmed up enough on this first exercise. I am starting to get into some heavy w

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

get rid of soreness

my legs are extremely sore from my wednesday leg going snowboarding on mon

by ShuttaLCD   - 1 decade ago

feel like sh**

i feel like shit right now.....wondering if its because of new supps. b4 my workout i t

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago


you guys know anything to help with tendonitis, im pretty sure its what i have in my l

by Once123   - 1 decade ago

injury off time?

hey i recently pulled near my upper right traps and i can fell pain into my neck this has

by gymphreak   - 1 decade ago

225 bench test

I use to love doing this once a week when I was lifting heavy. On my light chest day all

by AMERFOOTBALL   - 1 decade ago

dislocated shoulder. when to start back training and how.

as thread title says. i dislocated my shoulder. only minor dislocation was back in place a

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

Best ab workouts?

Hey guys, I've been doing alot of situps and started using my dumbells as extra resistance

by Smallguy   - 1 decade ago

Deadlifts vs. Stiff-Leg Deadlifts

Hey. What do you say is the difference? The original deadlifts make workout your hamstring

by GAFFY   - 1 decade ago

Dead lift max

With the 1 Billion threads about the bench press and chest exercises I thought one on dead

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Barbell or Dumbell

Hey Guys In your opinion, what is more affective when bench pressing. Barbell or dum

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

when to cut?

when should i cut? im 16 and not this upcoming year but 2007 im goin to do a contest.....b

by Matt Daniels   - 1 decade ago

bench press

whats the proper way to bench.. i see some guys hitting there chest with the bar.. some st

by CUTS   - 1 decade ago

need new routine

my routine monday-chest tris tuesday-cardio abs wednesday-legs thursday-cardio abs fr

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

when do you change your routine?

simple as that^^^^^^^^

by bodybuilding=life   - 1 decade ago

Pyramid loading

Can anyone please give the pyramid loading formula. Like percentages of your max and rep n

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

Leverage Squat Machines

I am wanting to get a leverage squat machine, to round out my leg workout.I tried a powert

by clouddancerss   - 1 decade ago


Is it worth while to do 4 hours of of cardio while trying to bulk up 4 hours spread over

by AMERFOOTBALL   - 1 decade ago

New Split

Chest Back Rest Legs Arms/Shoulders Rest Rest This is my new split I

by Matt Daniels   - 1 decade ago


The worst thing ever happened to me today. It was chest and tris day and last week my max

by ShuttaLCD   - 1 decade ago


If anyone could give me the formula for pyramid loading my bench press that would be soo a

by C.B.   - 1 decade ago

critique routine

day 1 --- chest, shoulders day 2 --- back, arms day 3 --- legs, abs day 4 --- rest

by Once123   - 1 decade ago

Which Whey?

Hi all, im 5ft 8 about a 150lbs and a male, I am training hard but really need to up my pr

by Thundercat   - 1 decade ago


anyone know any good lat execises... Im either not doing the ones i know properly or they

by jcvaughn26   - 1 decade ago

good morning guys and gals

good morn.well i injured myself so i'm gonna have to take a week off from training ans hop

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

training x week

i personally train 6 x a week but im never there for more then 50mins except legs day whic

by bodybuilding=life   - 1 decade ago

Whats the dea

what excrises can i do too help streghten and help it grow out..?

by Thundercat   - 1 decade ago

bike vs treadmill

which one burns more calories... i know running gives you an athletic lower body but does

by PTIBAlla   - 1 decade ago

liver enzymes

you guys wanted my numbers here they are. Test Normal Me AST/SGOT 15-37 U/L 39 High

by bleeke   - 1 decade ago


Does anyone know any good streches i can use before and after workout?? ive got good ones

by Once123   - 1 decade ago


any one powerclean.... i like it and do it in my shoulder routine every now and then...

by Smallguy   - 1 decade ago

Am i training for too long?

I train for about 1 & 1/4 hours. Am i over training for 1 session? Also i train

by TomSizeMore   - 1 decade ago

Matts Log " Journal of a Bodybuilder "

Hey guys I've decided to start a log and track my progress hopefully i can keep myself in

by nattybber   - 1 decade ago


does anyone have any good plyo workouts to do?im new to them so preferebly one thats not t

by airforceguy   - 1 decade ago

pec excercises

i have 24 hour access to a gym just downstairs from where i live, and it has almost everyt

by John H   - 1 decade ago

Chest Routine

Whats up guys? Recently i was stuck in a plateau with my bench press. I started doing only

by AMERFOOTBALL   - 1 decade ago

a little confused

Im a little confused here.I am being told by some to do cardio while i am bulking/Im also

by mikeds   - 1 decade ago

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