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Hello everyone! After 3 months of not lifting/dieting... I


by moe198920   - 1 decade ago

Any advice?

Just getting back after 2 years off. Hows this. Mon- chest Flat bench, Incline

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

15 pounds in 1 month

Lifting 5 days a week, super heavy, super hard. Used to big pretty big, and it's coming b

by kaika   - 1 decade ago


im 19 5'8 and 120lbs ive been a long distance runner for years but am tired of being calle

by swimfan65   - 1 decade ago

Getting started again

I used to be in good shape, played football in college. I no longer work out or do any exe

by IroquoisMan   - 1 decade ago

am i doing this right?

I've been really trying to do this right, and have learned from a couple of bad past exper

by IroquoisMan   - 1 decade ago

Should I Keep Intensity High To Bulk Up?

Hey guys. Was wondering what peoples thoughts were on intensity for someone of my size an

by IroquoisMan   - 1 decade ago

how much ml of this stuff ????

hi ive been training now for 2 year naturally without the juice and now ive decided to sta

by IroquoisMan   - 1 decade ago

thoughts about my routine?

age:24 weight:61.5kgs height: 6"9 Goals: first goal is to bulk and gain muscle mas

by CosmoK   - 1 decade ago

back again

haha im back!!! this time for sure, just started going to the gym after months of having

by S.W.A.T.   - 1 decade ago

whats wrong with my routine

everything but my chest is getting bigger.....ive tried every kind of routine.....this is

by jfly09   - 1 decade ago

recommend the sets

how man sets for your arms should you do? I've been told 10, also been told 20 I think 10

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago


A day after a arm workout I always feel like my arms are getting smaller. They look and fe

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

help with workout..newbie

hello everyone, im new to I have begun training 3 weeks ago. a definite beginne

by Stricken   - 1 decade ago

Average body weight lifting ratios?

Hey yall, just curious as to whether or not I,m stacking up in terms of my body weight/lif

by jrm480   - 1 decade ago

Fasted cardio - oxygen needs

Hi guys, I've started doing fasted cardio in the morning over the last month or so, and

by Stricken   - 1 decade ago

BIGBOSS your own thread

Hi guys, I'm a new member in this forum and from what i read in this thread, all I can say

by jane_doe   - 1 decade ago


Im 33 train 5 days a week 45min of cardio everyday.I have been on some pharm cyp it has be

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

training for girls (help me crank it up please!!)

hi guys (and gals), Hoping you could give me some tips and advice on training intensity

by jane_doe   - 1 decade ago

Swimming after weight lifting - not a good idea?

Hi. I was told at the gym the other day that going swimming after lifting weights will

by HBK   - 1 decade ago

creatine when doing reps?

Im taking creatine and although Im strong my strengh has hit the roof but Im worried that

by PTPro   - 1 decade ago

Bench Press

Hi I am looking to get back to gym after 2 years off. I haven't lifted a single weight or

by devidmike   - 1 decade ago

re-running hypertrophy program

I haven't been in a gym since December 2007. To get back into it, I'm thinking of going t

by HBK   - 1 decade ago

I want to look EXACTLY like this

I want to know exactly how to get to this point. In all seriousness What do i need to do?

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago

xtreme noob seeks workout help

hi all i just joined the forums and by what i have been looking around and you guys seem l

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago

What U Think Of My Routine

Monday Deadlifts T-bar Row Dumbell Row La

by HBK   - 1 decade ago

Help With Bench Please

Hey everyone, im somewhat new to weightlifting. Ive been going to the gym for around 5 mon

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago


I'm a very new beginner. I really need some advice. I've taken some advice from other plac

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago

Football players.. need your help!

I'm going to start conditioning for football this summer. I'm around 270ish, and 6'3. What

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago


is it better to do cardio before a workout or after? and wat are some suggestions for card

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago

do big/muscular dudes get more respect

simple question...Do big dudes get more respect? Or, do people act more favourably toward

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago

advice please

what if i do abs 4 days a week 2 days upper and 2 lower please help all schedule have 1

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago

Help and support

spammer bitch

by shsmcn78   - 1 decade ago

My schedule suck.. advice a better one..

my schedule since a year day 1-chest,triceps, upper abs 2-back,biceps,lower abs

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

new routine any thoughts?

been on the site for awhile..first time posting. Looking to build muslce i am 5'6 136 lbs

by Thundercat   - 1 decade ago


How many days would you recommend taking off after a workout? Is there a supplement we cou

by Thundercat   - 1 decade ago

is this right

ok im just now gettin into the whole bulkin up thing. and i was told that to bulk up u lif

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

Out the Window

I was feeling kinda down the last 2 weeks, and thought Id just get on with it - forcing my

by Thundercat   - 1 decade ago

secrets of swimming with body building.

swimming works muscles weights cant.i think it will prevent pinched nerves helped

by jcvaughn26   - 1 decade ago

Swimming or running for a six pack?

Hi there im trying to cut the fat off my abs and I was just curious if anyone knew what wa

by jcvaughn26   - 1 decade ago

Smoking, Drinking, Lifting

I've been lifting on and off for about 8 years. I just started a new routine where I'm go

by stab   - 1 decade ago


1.I've been lifting hard.Now I still lift hard with heavier weights but I'm not getting th

by jamesoohhh08   - 1 decade ago

Want bigger shoulders-need suggestions

For my shoulder workout I do 3 sets of 8 starting with a comfortable weight pyramid up so

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

general advice

:screwy:Hello to everyone!! first i want to say thanks to all that reply for your advice!

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago

Elbow pain....

I have elbow pain right on the elbow bone...did anyone else have this??? If so what did yo

by John H   - 1 decade ago

Best Cardio for Weight Loss?

I'm looking to shed about 15 lbs fast. I've cut my diet down to 4 small meals per day. I

by Thundercat   - 1 decade ago

my first marathon

its been a year since i started working out and i am very happy with the results ,i did my

by jcvaughn26   - 1 decade ago

Rep Cadence

Hi guys! I,m new on this forum. And I hope to be helpfull to everyone ! I have a questi

by Stevieg_88   - 1 decade ago

Quick Help....

I do cardio on Monday - Wednesday - Friday...Then Lift on Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday...

by A.B   - 1 decade ago


I need help with my traps. I cannot get them to grow...Here is what I do... Standin

by BTram04   - 1 decade ago

Exercises to do at home

hi i am 19 years old.i love training and exercise,but now i have to leave gym for exactly

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago


OK so am finally found a routine thats giving me RESULTS!!! Monday - Legs and shoulder

by Thundercat   - 1 decade ago

arms mass

My trainning includes 150lb straight bar currles 5 sets of 10 40lb slow reverse currles 5

by jamesoohhh08   - 1 decade ago


After going on HGH for 1 month I have noticed that although I hit hard at the gym I am rar

by po78   - 1 decade ago

skinny 15 year old

Hi everyone, let me start off by introducing myself. I am a 15 year old sophmore in h

by po78   - 1 decade ago

help on chest workout

hey guys, i'm 5'9" about 165 lbs and i'm kind of new to body building. But i would re

by po78   - 1 decade ago

chest workout question

i have been doing this chest workout once a week and it makes my pecs really sore, they ar

by po78   - 1 decade ago

Chest Development Question

Hello everyone, I just have a question about my chest. I have been lifting for 4 years (po

by po78   - 1 decade ago

thinking about changing my workout

Ive been thinking about changing my workout for a long time and i was wondering does anyon

by po78   - 1 decade ago

Eating Before a Workout

Every morning I wake up about 4:30 - 5AM, eat my breakfast, then hit the gym. Right no

by po78   - 1 decade ago

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