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Perfect Workout Routine HELP

I currently do A: Chest/Legs B: Bi's/Tri's C: Sholders/Back D: Break A: Chest/Le

by imperativerevolution   - 1 decade ago

Need advice on routine

OK, so there's so many different opinions and advice. I'm looking for advice on how many

by GoodToGo   - 1 decade ago

Help! Looking for workout suggestions.

I am looking for an upper body workout including abs for a M,W,F routine. The reason I am

by Bjuul4   - 1 decade ago

My routine need help cahnging it.

This is my routine that I want to change I do it three times a week and started approxim

by look   - 1 decade ago

Training whilst sick

Hey, anyone still train when theyre sick. i got a cold and was wondering if I continue to

by Bjuul4   - 1 decade ago

Need some advice here...

Goals: I primary goals are to get stronger and to gain mass. I used to play baseball and

by estray   - 1 decade ago


If you know what this term means, you are probably familiar with its effects. Does anyone

by tknight4305   - 1 decade ago

Training Help

Hey everyone. Im new to the site and wanting to start lifting weights and gaining some mus

by JackB03   - 1 decade ago

Burning the extra pounds

Anyone have any good strategies or excellent workouts that seem to really burn of those ex

by Stricken   - 1 decade ago


Ok wtf Im trying to get my shoulders to grow, I took cannabalis advice … Any

by brandozzz   - 1 decade ago

Ronnie Colemans Bicep Training

Ronnie Coleman's Bicep Training The Three Bi Laws of Biceps From Flex Magazine, October

by brandozzz   - 1 decade ago

cardio to cut

is there any downfall to doing cardio everyday. i want to keep all muscle and cut.

by munequita   - 1 decade ago


Who here has a good site that helps you calculate your body fat after taking measurements

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago


Okay first off im in highschool, 16, 5'10, 185 lbs. I started lifting weights 2 months ag

by gypsy   - 1 decade ago

My Bi's

So I want to make my arms bigger. How many days a week should I train my arms?a.k.a Trice

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

Need advice

Hi guys my names Jason, Well I'll be 31 this december.I was thinking about starting to lif

by Smallguy   - 1 decade ago

What does this mean.

I basically do every muscle group 2 times a week. 1st day is light. i do 4 sets of 12 reps

by estray   - 1 decade ago

so here we go agian

i got sum prop and injected 1cc... i dont have any ancilerys and nolva and such, but i am

by jcvaughn26   - 1 decade ago

bench press and triceps

Hi, recently i stopped benching to try to switch up my routines on chest/tri day. While i

by CUTS   - 1 decade ago


what are skullcrushers?

by Natron   - 1 decade ago

from 15% to...

well i've been at 15% bodyfat since christmas... i've lost 11lbs since then, but my BF % h

by Robfromny   - 1 decade ago

Triceps Movement

This movement is very likely already in circulation, but I thought I would share it anyway

by mjllewellyn   - 1 decade ago

Smallguy's gonna drop 20ish

ok right now I'm sitting around 222 at night so Im' gonna say I gain 5lbs through they da

by Smallguy   - 1 decade ago


Do any of you use the HST (Hypertrophy-Specific Training) method to workout do you most of

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

PT price

i know there are some trainers on here. my question is what is the average price? i only

by mjllewellyn   - 1 decade ago

Bench Press question

When you guys bench do you bring the bar all the way down to your chest or just stop sligh

by Joe_Ice   - 1 decade ago

Forearms hurt while working out

Hey, This will sound odd but recently when doing lat machine pull down, and even altern

by mjllewellyn   - 1 decade ago

should there be a next day burn????

when lifting weights should the muscles be alittle sore or alot sore or not sore at all th

by mjllewellyn   - 1 decade ago

damn biceps, help

OK chest, legs, shoulders, triceps, back....all getting bigger. Biceps on the other hand

by canibalistic_js   - 1 decade ago

Why you're not growin.

1. You overtrain and under eat. These are listed as the main primary reason because they g

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Finally I think I got a good routine..

Sunday - Squat, Calf, Abs Monday - Tuesday - Chest, Triceps (Light), Biceps (heavy)

by Joe_Ice   - 1 decade ago

need some help

Hmmmm...I don't really know where to start. I'm a stay at home mom with two children. My h

by mjllewellyn   - 1 decade ago

What exactly does "Chin-Ups" work?


by Joe_Ice   - 1 decade ago

Routine tips?

First off i am not able to change my rest days based on work/classes. 6'2 155 17 ( t

by Joe_Ice   - 1 decade ago

3 Day Split ... Any good?

i just made a new workout and 3 day split. let me know what you guys think of it and if it

by mjllewellyn   - 1 decade ago

My work out

I'm a wrestler, I've been going to the gym for about 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours a day since seaso

by mjllewellyn   - 1 decade ago

Shoulder joints hurting?

Here lately when I do anything inclined my shoulders joints hurt and I have to stop. I am

by mjllewellyn   - 1 decade ago

Another qucik question

I play basketball a lot. If I were to work my shoulders and triceps early on Friday, and

by mjllewellyn   - 1 decade ago

when to start forming abs

Ok I've been putting on some extra baggage around my waist. My arms definately DONT have

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Worship and base your whole training career around

this article Sorry if this was posted once before... I don't know the name of the aut

by president_fad   - 1 decade ago

General Question ???

I have been trying to get the look that i want in my abs but cannot figure out what to do

by cmad2777   - 1 decade ago


I got what you could say "cock ankles" :ohcrap: their skinny compared to my cal

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

Before And After Pics....anyone

Does Anyone Have Any Before And After Pics. There Very Encourging That Weird???

by Captainhowie175   - 1 decade ago

what does this mean?

Just searchin around and saw this.... what do the numbers mean? Why does barbell press on

by president_fad   - 1 decade ago

President_fad's Campaign (journal)

I figure sincei post here often, ill start a log here too. Chest/shoulders/abs 3boa

by Joe_Ice   - 1 decade ago

pains in forearms

I found that when I am weight training, I will get pains in the outerside of my forearms.

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

how does this look?

Sun - biceps, chest Mon - quads, hams Tues - triceps, back Wed - biceps, chest Thurs -

by SkinnyManKyle   - 1 decade ago

Need some Help

I have been training each body part 1 time a week for a while. I was just reading a post

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

To All Newbies..

I Myself Am A Newbie And Would Just Like To Suggest The Book,,,, The Hard Body Plan From M

by JSADE13   - 1 decade ago

still learning need some advice cardio vs. weight training

Hello....need to loose a whole lot of weight yet...but im looking for a seriouse muscle to

by JSADE13   - 1 decade ago

Strength/Mass lifting suggestions

Hey Guys/Gals, I've been a lurker on this forum for the past few months and finally dec

by estray   - 1 decade ago

carbs or cals

which gains more weight, eating a lot of carbs or calories? please answer thx

by estray   - 1 decade ago

Workout Plan...

OK here is kinda an in depth version of my workout plan....The first set of every exercise

by SkinnyManKyle   - 1 decade ago

questions from a newbie

okay so i'm 26 years old 6' feet tall about 170lbs not much in shape i have a big chest th

by George   - 1 decade ago

elbow pain w/tris

i get severe pain while doing any weight skull crushers. anyone else? any ideas? never h

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

Injured ankle

Last night whilst playing indoor soccer I injured my ankle after a kick from behind. My qu

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

Shaking during workouts

I've noticed this situation more and more lately. I know it's been prevelent in the past h

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

Truth or Myth?

Please I would like your opinions on the following: 1) Cardio is useless. If your g

by bleeke   - 1 decade ago


my nipple is starting to get sensitive so i took 20mg of nolva yesterday and im taking 40m

by CUTS   - 1 decade ago

Knees killing now that I'm doing legs again

I had to take 4 months off of doing my legs for baseball and i just recently started doing

by president_fad   - 1 decade ago

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