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Question on Pecs

Question mentioned below:

by tgw85   - 1 decade ago

how to increase arms and chest in short time

Hi to every one ..... Am new 2 this forum Iam 24yr old and i want to build my chest and

by My Bodybuilding Routine   - 1 decade ago

new member looking to lose pounds

i am salah, im 18, just graduated yesterday, and im happy. i weigh about 215, my height is

by My Bodybuilding Routine   - 1 decade ago

Abs Exercises

what are the best exercise to have a good looking abs..? can you also include the best ex

by Zeta   - 1 decade ago

Starting a new workout plan

I'm looking at starting a new workout plan for the fall and winter. I had a few questions

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

bearman comeback

sept 2 my daughter goes back to school! I will take before and afters of what a mess i am

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

Experienced lifters help me out please(video inside!)

So a little background first. I have been lifting for about 4-5 years. I am an ectomorph a

by coyfish   - 1 decade ago

Adaption duration

I started a 25 week training program: I did 9 weeks of it, and then for some reason I b

by google12   - 1 decade ago


so im 15 and have been working out for about 4 years now and im pretty built. i never real

by srquill   - 1 decade ago

Help and advice needed

Hi guys, Ok, I have just joined these forums for a little help and advice please :)

by CARLOSUK87   - 1 decade ago

sex/masturbation having effects on building muscle...

Ok for example on a day I worked out on, if I rub one out, the next day it feels like my m

by d_rush   - 1 decade ago

new guy needs advice!!!

hey guys i'm about 6 foot 280 pounds. Im trying to get down to around 250, right now im wo

by mr.biggz64   - 1 decade ago

The one song...

If you're preparing to hit your hardest lift of the week, whether it's deads, squats, what

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

some advice......

So I want the best of both worlds, I want to lose my gut, but at the same time I want to

by 12seckelso   - 1 decade ago


Any info or advice on cutting? looking to drop a few pounds quickly.

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

Recovery Days/Split? Help

Ok, I used to be a pro fighter and retired at 29. I was 166 and now 200 all natural. I hav

by jcvaughn26   - 1 decade ago

Just about to start up again!!

Hi all I am new to the forum, My name is Owen, I am 25 and I am looking to start bodybuild

by Bigo   - 1 decade ago

Workout Regiment Advice

I work out 6 days a week for about 1 hour a day. Gradually moving up in weight with each

by killerkane246   - 1 decade ago

What are the best arm workouts?

I really need to workout my arms. I am sure people here have huge arms and huge advice to

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

Keep muscle while cutting?

Hey I'm 14, 5'10" 180 pounds, I started last year at 210 pounds and got down to 160 l

by scj2310   - 1 decade ago

Exersize Routine?

Hey guys, I decided my life needed a change, so I took my first step to join this forum.

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

Workout Advice?

I have just started a workout plan that consists of kickboxing aerobics 4 to 5 times a wee

by JonnDepp   - 1 decade ago

Change Of Workout?

Hey All, would like yoour advice, Im 43 and my sons 17, we have been training together for

by californiaron13   - 1 decade ago

I have a 5/3/1 routine question.

For the 2 assistance lifts that I perform after my main 5/3/1 lift what intensity do I do?

by Ice That Jaw   - 1 decade ago

Kind of strange presentation but worth a look

Caught this guy's channel on YouTube about back and shoulder work, it's different than mos

by shadrach   - 1 decade ago

beer belly

whats the best way to get rid of the unwanted beer belly,i am doing 100 crunches incline,

by californiaron13   - 1 decade ago

Routine Critique

I'm a 29 year old male, I lifted heavily in college, but since working I've slacked. I'm

by ajrettke   - 1 decade ago

New to Body Building

Hey everyone. Im new to the forum n not technically new to body building but still fairly

by bearman1   - 1 decade ago

Video Clips For Body Building Please...!

im still starting on working out and i badly needed some videos on how and what to do abou

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

muscle gain please!

Hi!I'm 16 years old, height 1.74 weight 72kg.I started to lift weights a year ago. goal:ma

by lar789   - 1 decade ago

New Workout Plan

I plan on doing this, but would like some comments on wether or not this would be good for

by lar789   - 1 decade ago

Don't know how to do an exercise check out and

by lar789   - 1 decade ago

Your #1 song in the rack

I'm sure most of us would agree that the squat is the single toughest exercise we can do.

by lar789   - 1 decade ago

advice, advice, advice

whats goin on, everyone. name is bronson but u can call me B or Smitty. new to the BBforum

by lar789   - 1 decade ago

Need some advice from a pro

Or at least advice from anyone who knows more than I do... I started the program from t

by californiaron13   - 1 decade ago

cut or bulk!?

hey guys just wanted some advice. ive been training hard for almost 2 years and im pretty

by californiaron13   - 1 decade ago

Abs, calories, and mass gainer advice

can you still get abs even while bulking and drinking mass gainer? I heard to get abs y

by johncline   - 1 decade ago

Complete Newbie. Want to bulk up. Advice?

Hey guys, As you can see, I'm very new here! Had a short look around the forums, etc an

by johncline   - 1 decade ago

Weight Gain and Protein in one?

Hi everyone, i am newbie here so hoping i have posted this in the right section, also rela

by WeightGainNet   - 1 decade ago

A novel way of training the biceps

I am a landscape contractor and the job keeps me away from the gym most of the time. I sti

by teowilliam   - 1 decade ago

Sterord advice?

Hello Everyone, I am considering starting a steroid cycle in the next couple of weeks,

by johncline   - 1 decade ago

Wanna get on competition level!

I'm 24 5"11, and 250 lbs. I went through a bulking stage for almost 2 months, very in

by californiaron13   - 1 decade ago

Pst shoulder reconstruction.. What to take to speed recovery

Hey fellas. I had a shoulder recon in last year and am not recovering as fast as I would

by campaspe8   - 1 decade ago

Cardio Dance exercise videos

Hi all, cool forum! I need some help guys, I’ve been trying various kinds of exercising

by Big_Boss   - 1 decade ago

Band Work

Looking for some new ideas on how to incorporate bands.. currently use them on squats,benc

by californiaron13   - 1 decade ago

looking for good online workout routines

Does anyone know where to find good online workout routines? Thanks so much and happy l

by seomul   - 1 decade ago

Help out a Noob please**

I am starting my diet and training this week. I have been doing light cardio on the ellipt

by Anthony54   - 1 decade ago

womens workout

Wassup everybody i am loing for a workout program for my girlfriend. She wants to lose wei

by bodybuildercomp   - 1 decade ago

Bodygain Training Journals

Posted for dreamache. Check out this site for a cool training journal. It is a really good

by Jackie9   - 1 decade ago

Is it my imagination ?

On Monday I weighed myself and I was 76.3 kilos. Since then I have completed 4 sessions of

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago


how do i get my right shoulder to be symetrical to my left side. It is not the same with m

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

Exercising on a fasted state

Many people start exercising with an empty stomach because it is said that if you do it yo

by Aaronmac   - 1 decade ago

Weight loss and toning up?

Hey guys, I'm usually just a reader on these forums, but i'm in need of a little advice. h

by hartygolf   - 1 decade ago

Lifting + Cardio?

I'm currently working out 4-6 days a week usually lifting for about 45 minutes followed by

by hartygolf   - 1 decade ago

Newbie Training Advice.

Hi, Following on from my thread seeking advice on diet -

by Rob.H   - 1 decade ago

Saw this whacky how to vid

I'm surfing the net for tips and run into this whacky funny vid on youtube. What this guy

by 3olaH   - 1 decade ago

i need hlp gaining mass

ok im 15 years old i weigh only 135 i wanna gain solid rock big muscle mass but i dont wa

by dadan   - 1 decade ago

anyone ever have HYPERTHYROIDISM before?

Over the summer I was having some symptoms so I went to my doctor (keep in mind this was i

by Instinct21   - 1 decade ago

Guide me Please

i have bursitis in my right shoulder and 7 herniated discs in my back. I find that when i

by bodybuildercomp   - 1 decade ago

Does anyone have an answer for this?

protein = muscle growth i don't see where extra calories go about in that simple equati

by hartygolf   - 1 decade ago

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