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CONCERNED about my superdrol cycle :(

After many months of pondering and researching, I decided to order Superdrol. For PCT I or

by Crazy_eyes   - 1 decade ago

Increase in food consumption + Creatine

I don't know if this thread is in the right place but.... ....I have been lifting for a

by AKS   - 1 decade ago


Anyone know alot about it? i beileve its an insoluble fiber that can be used in protein sh

by Enickma   - 1 decade ago

creatine help

what creatine mix do you guys think is better(gains in size and strength)...twinlabs creat

by bigbody385   - 1 decade ago

next possible supplements?

i've been reading about a couple of products out on the market by fizogen. 17-bol,m1-bol a

by bigbody385   - 1 decade ago

Will Creatine?

Simple post - will creatine give you more everyday energy? I.E. more energy throughout the

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

N-Large weight gainer

I heard many good things about it. i got it this morning and wow it tastes very good! stra

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago


anyone use it? whats a good brand? i saw EAS has it but i think of them along the same lin

by Dex   - 1 decade ago


I am doing some research.. see it is recommended for fat loss..stacked with something else

by Enickma   - 1 decade ago

For PCT,

6-oxo or can I replace this with Novedex XT?? Running this in PCT along with Nolv

by Matt Daniels   - 1 decade ago

best creatine in the world?

what u think? what the best creatine in the world right now? all give opinions. thanks :)

by Matt Daniels   - 1 decade ago

Xyience ... Good or Bad?

i was looking into some kind of supplement that was perfectly legal but that could actuall

by Matt Daniels   - 1 decade ago

opinions please

hey everyone!! i was wondering if anyone has ever tried Vitargo CGL and if they liked it(i

by bigbody385   - 1 decade ago

First Impressions with NO-Xplode

Jus tried NO-Xplode a few hours ago for the first time. I got pretty pumped up but it wasn

by AKS   - 1 decade ago

Post-Workout Shake?

Trying to get a good idea of what people prefer for a good post work-out shake when in a b

by Crazy_eyes   - 1 decade ago

how would this be

my little bro (15) has been working out for about 2 months, his stats are: height:5.6

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

Muscle Milk question.

1: Does it work? 2: Is it a creatine?

by Jay   - 1 decade ago

Shredded Mass

Anyone used Shredded Mass by PINNICAL? err how ever you spell it... Im a HUGE fan of NO

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago

I don't do this often but if you want a good product...

Go out and get Fizogen Blast cycle..That stuff really is good doesn't gel up like some sim

by covie2802   - 1 decade ago


I want to try SUPERCHARGE by LABRADA and I wanto to know if somebody here all ready used t

by JDIESEL   - 1 decade ago

Questions about supplements

I'm 17 and I weigh 145, my bench is up to 205 rite now but im havin trouble wearin out my

by jeepsheep   - 1 decade ago

Best Site to order supplements?

What site have you guys found to be the quickest to ship and the best to order from in gen

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

some opinions please???!

hey all>>!! wat do you guys think is the best weight gainer to gain the most lean ma

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago


im new to this site and i was thinking about taking NO-Xplode. I was just wondering what y

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

No-Explode Jittery

Tried No-Explode for the first time yesterday,, it was great. My pump up was about th

by Crazy_eyes   - 1 decade ago

MAX'S - CreaX3

anybody used this creatine before?? Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Creatine Triple Stack:

by S.W.A.T.   - 1 decade ago

n.o. xplode and cellmass

are they bad for ur kidneys?

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

SuperPump 250 (Gaspari Nutrition)

Well, had this product recommended to me by my local supp store instead of NO Xplode. Anyo

by jeepsheep   - 1 decade ago

my first SD cycle

im on my first sd cycle and so far im 4 days in, im getting very good strengh gains, side

by 49erMan   - 1 decade ago

is it okay to use this?

i take NO Xplode before my workout and cellmass after and then cellmass again 6 hours late

by breethingmartyr   - 1 decade ago

How to get good Creatine

Hey there fellow bodybuilders, I beleive that this stuff I'm curently taking is the best s

by son_of_jorel135   - 1 decade ago

is this unhealthy?

just wondering if my health is at risk if I was taking the following at the same time. I'

by AKS   - 1 decade ago

What's a good...

I was wondering what would be the best Supplement to take for Protein? Like any favorites?

by Enickma   - 1 decade ago


Does Muscle Milk give you energy?

by howlowcanigo   - 1 decade ago

Perfect Protein?

So I found a website that allows you to make your own protein. you can select what type o

by estray   - 1 decade ago

reall quick question

can you mix glutamine in with your protein shake, or is it like creatine where you need to

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

First time poster

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey al

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago


im 17 been lifting for about a year now and jsut curious about tribulus. i know my tes

by Dex   - 1 decade ago


I am 20 years old, turning 21 in a couple months and have been training naturally for 4 ye

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

absolutely no clue

These im sure to alot of you will definatly seem like dumb questions and feel free to laug

by Stricken   - 1 decade ago

Mass building supplement


by A.B   - 1 decade ago

Vit. B5?

Hey guys.. I need to know the recc. dosage for B5. I am takeing it due to some acne i ahve

by smrtguy   - 1 decade ago

The miracle drug....

fat people have been waiting for this and its finally here!!! :hi: http://health.m

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

Getting the most out of supplements?

I have been working out for a good while, with good discipline, but have been wondering if

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

Creatine cycle begining for first time.

Im am going to start using Muscletech Cell-tech Creatine. I workout on Tues., Thurs., S

by S.W.A.T.   - 1 decade ago

losing body fat

Just got some question about which supplements to take I know theres lipo 6 and hydroxycut

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

how does this look?

I have no xplode and l glutamine in my posession right now. Debating whether or not to ge

by Dex   - 1 decade ago


I will be getting my superdrol in the next week and I have a few questions for the team.

by OneBetter   - 1 decade ago

blitz cycle vs NO2

so i have been on mri no2 for awhile now (2 years) and think I may need a change, whats th

by Dex   - 1 decade ago


I know most test products aren't for a 17 year old, but I was talking to a trainer about V

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

Over 30 and confused

Hi, I am new to this forum. I am 194 lbs 25% BF (hoping to cut down the BF ) and I am 5'6

by Hudren   - 1 decade ago

T-Bomb II

Some one told me that T-Bomb II was a really good Test booster. Has anyone used this?? If

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Pro Complex By Optimum Nutrition

has anyone tried this if so was it comparable to the gold standard. the gold standard is

by jcvaughn26   - 1 decade ago

L-Glutamine Questions..

1) What's a good brand? I'm looking at Higher Power and AST 2) When should I take it if

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

carb blockers

do carb cutter or blockers really work, at all on the day or two i want to cheat a little

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

What is the difference between WHEY Isolate and Concentrate??

And is isolate better then concentrate if yes why? i am taking concentrate right now and i

by OneBetter   - 1 decade ago

Fructose vs Dextrose...

Hi Is taking Fructose with creatine the same as taking Dextrose? thanks

by OneBetter   - 1 decade ago

Is This A Safe Stack?

Muscle Milk, 100% Whey Protein, and MyoZene.

by trav flat   - 1 decade ago

Ripping Gel

Has anyone used any ripping gels before? I was just wondering if they are worth the money

by trav flat   - 1 decade ago

cycling off

i hav been takin n.o.xplode for about 3-4 months now and i hav been takin nitrix for a mon

by howlowcanigo   - 1 decade ago

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