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23 years old 2 years progress rates me please!!!

Let me know what you think, any tips, etc.

by hazardouzx   - 1 decade ago

3 years progress from turkey

hello friends my names is samet i living turkey my body sizes arms 43 cm (bulk 45-46) shou

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

pics two weeks in

this is me i was going to run cyp and winny but decided to just do winny seems to be doing

by covie2802   - 1 decade ago

New Member from New Rochelle, NY

Happy to be here in the forum and look forward to (once again) shedding my bulk and uncove

by the1fromhere   - 1 decade ago

6 weeks progress

Well, this is about 6 weeks in. I will show beginning pic and currently. I think I look y

by PB83   - 1 decade ago

before and after 2 years

this is me after 2 years and a lot of eating and hard work i know im not cut but im not do

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

Newbie but LOVE the GYM

I recently started working out about 5 months ago. For some reason I never really wanted t

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

1 month in

before pic 2166 hey sorry guys was in a rush when i made this thread the names kai im

by johncline   - 1 decade ago

new member, pics

hey, im 17, senior in high school. been working out since i was a freshman. im now maxxing

by juicedls1   - 1 decade ago

my body isnt great but..

I am strong dude, anybody else like that out there?:2cents:

by teowilliam   - 1 decade ago

New Member

Hello, I am William a new member here. Here is a picture of myself. Would appreciate some

by teowilliam   - 1 decade ago

New pic

me before cycle at 5'11 218 lb ... going to be running winny and test cyp for 10 weeks wis

by covie2802   - 1 decade ago

Anyone for ping pong?

last day of my vacation. put 12lbs on in 2 weeks! lost my cut look, but still in decent co

by californiaron13   - 1 decade ago

new pic taken yesterday

this is 1 week back after being out with the flu for about a month.i was pretty shocked wh

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

My Progress

Well here i am, asked for a little advice about 2 years ago, and this is my progress in th

by peterhook   - 1 decade ago

After Pics(now)

2160 2161 2162 2163 177 lbs.

by rydorien   - 1 decade ago

pics taken today by me

just an arm and maybe trap shot

by munequita   - 1 decade ago


2155 2156 2157 BEFORE PICS 289 lbs.

by mess27sha25   - 1 decade ago

7 May 08

Slowly getting what i want...more weight...more muscle... 2047 2048 2049 More

by gilcel08   - 1 decade ago

17 year experiment 120lbs-265lbs+

Figure this may inspire some people. Only took creatine and myoplex for the last 12 years

by po78   - 1 decade ago

new member

hey guys just wanted to say hi. im 18 just started working out again and want to slim down

by julianvada   - 1 decade ago

Picture of us

here is my wife

by   - 1 decade ago

finally my wheels

ok heres my legs pics.took em myself so they arent great pics.done cold with no pump

by julianvada   - 1 decade ago

New pics!

Yeah guys here are some new pictures. Let me know what you think http://i16.photobucket

by ReMaDe   - 1 decade ago

some pics for ya

not just thought i'd give ya something to look at instead of these damn spam site

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

low carb diet n cardio

was about 70kgs... tried 20mg per day of anaval for 9weeks... wasnt expecting huge gai

by samrawet   - 1 decade ago

My new nephew!!

I wanted to show you guys my newest nephew!! His name is Antonio Lamont Jr., he was born

by lil bit   - 1 decade ago

might as well post here too..

hi, I included this in my introduction in the general chat forum.. but I figured I'd post

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

16 Weeks Out

Weighed 239 this morning at 6am..I have an appt next thursday for the underwater bf test..

by csyflt   - 1 decade ago

me one month in

ive havent gained much just like 6 pounds or trying to bulk but its hard for some

by cin0242   - 1 decade ago

New Pics 8/28/08

Heres a couple of new pics!

by csyflt   - 1 decade ago

John Quinlan

Side Serratus

by tabby67   - 1 decade ago

newbie pics! 3 weeks in

ok these are about 3 or so weeks in, and i think i definitely need to up the cardio, and t

by csyflt   - 1 decade ago

the new greg valentino

what an idiot.... :clap:

by dave_76567   - 1 decade ago

another newbie(pictures included)

when i say new i mean to here and to lifting. i've been doing for a about 2 weeks and rea

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

Hi Guys!

Hi guys, I am CL. I stumbled upon this forum and registered not long ago. I am from Malay

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

me 2 months in

sawp friends ill put up sum pics maybe u guys can help me tell me if i need to work on any

by bearman1   - 1 decade ago

Back at it

So after many months in the hospital in 07 and a near death weight of 106lbs I get to pret

by howlowcanigo   - 1 decade ago

Help is welcome.. seeing what ur take is (pics/measurements inside)..i

Hey guys i have been involved with general health for a while now (3-4 years). I have a d

by estray   - 1 decade ago

new pic pre contest ya thats all

by neo   - 1 decade ago

Getting Back Into Track After 2 Years

hey Guys Im New In This Forum And I Just Wanted To Share Some Pics After Taking 2 Years Of

by Dex2   - 1 decade ago

me 3/10/08

I am still white but heres a few progress pics. I will show off the wheels when I get a ta

by csyflt   - 1 decade ago

cutting time

just started cytolean and plasma jet today.. im posting my results for the month any

by Sin-well   - 1 decade ago

stretchhhhh marks

I dont got a pic but when i started lifting i got stretch marks on my middle back nowhere

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

Hi everyone.. heres my before and after...

ROBFROMNY ... I dont believe you are intererested in anything apart from being a fool.

by CuriousGeorge   - 1 decade ago

recent pic of me

here ya go.would show more but my face showed up in many.wil have some more soon.and yes i

by bignready   - 1 decade ago


i know this pic sucks but its all i got for now. this was taken about 3 weeks ago...

by underfallow   - 1 decade ago

me after 4 months training

dont laugh this me at 4 months:cool:neo how do i post or attach my pics here

by neo   - 1 decade ago

New Member

I am just introducing myself, I am From Ottawa, Canada and decided in the last few months

by Thundercat   - 1 decade ago

i still cant post my pics on bbf

this is me after 4 months working out.dont laugh.:cool:neo

by neo   - 1 decade ago

how do you post pics of progress

i want to post my 4 month progress pics please help me:cool:neo

by neo   - 1 decade ago

Me 2 Months in (pics)

Alright guys so I would definitely like some feed back on what you think I need to work on

by CuriousGeorge   - 1 decade ago

Me pre diet

So the story is this worked out for some time, had little or no results. Well actually i l

by PB83   - 1 decade ago

7ft Bodybuilding Giant - Conan Stevens - New Member

Hi everyone, My name is Conan Stevens Height: 7' 1/4" Weight: 143Kg Nationali

by jay2k6ie   - 1 decade ago

for canni eys ugly ass!lol

:laughing:dont say i didnt warn ya

by 1Bad65   - 1 decade ago

bearman pics

i hope these pics work,,this is what i have to work with its been a yr back to the gym aft

by forrest   - 1 decade ago

9 months out from stage - any suggestions?

I am lifting hard, eating hard and have a hard attitude:) I will update this later on t

by Aaar0n   - 1 decade ago

MY PROGRESS! (checkout)

This is my progress. I am still lacking the tan but that will come soon. Thanks for the he

by Morgan   - 1 decade ago

Progress pics


by Big A   - 1 decade ago

Loser of the Year 2007

Its been a long hard road people this body is about 6 years in the making and i just wanna

by Gjobsin   - 1 decade ago

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