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Are Carbs Good For Gaining Weight?

I weigh about 140/145 and I am about 5'9 (I posted somewhere else that I was 6'0, but I di

by thebarbarianway   - 1 decade ago

what kind of muscle

my brother has much larger arms then me im 17 and he is 27 in horrible shape use to workou

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

Foods with tons of protein?

So what meals contain a ton of protein to give me 1.5/lb. a day. (Excluding shakes and pow

by howlowcanigo   - 1 decade ago


my mom is telling me it's not good to eat tuna every day she said it's dangerous cause it

by Enickma   - 1 decade ago

Im lost here...

I'm cutting. The really only problem areas (fatty areas) are my lower belly and back side

by thebarbarianway   - 1 decade ago

Question about my gains..,

Hi Its going to be 4 weeks tomorrow since i started my trainning and diet plan(i am on

by estray   - 1 decade ago


WARNING - STUPIDITY FOLLOWS I'm Irish. I like to drink. I know that it's not good on th

by SMBLSBGARMS   - 1 decade ago

daily protein levels...

I'm 215 lbs, how much protein should I be getting on days I lift and days I dont lift?

by cowcountry   - 1 decade ago

Need advice on my nutrition plan...

Hi I am 31 6'2 187lbs and i just wanted to know one thing its been one week now since

by goldentornado22   - 1 decade ago


i just started taking xpel a water loss (diuretic) much water should i drink a day?

by BigWill   - 1 decade ago

Cutting questions..

what are some good foods to eat while cutting? And I am 220 lbs so what should my calorie

by estray   - 1 decade ago

Help on a Weight loss diet

I am 20 years old. I am 6 feet tall. I weigh 232 lbs. my diet: Morning: Oatmeal wit

by estray   - 1 decade ago

a carbohydrate question??

Im 185, 18% bf, want to cut down but now loose much mass. Im eating 350g. of protein and a

by PHCPrarieDOG   - 1 decade ago

Diet when on gear

Every day for 12 weeks long Geting out of bed: 750ml 0f water 9h: 4 eg whites + 2 whol

by chrisl   - 1 decade ago

Todays food intake so far

Thought I'd post this up for the youngins to see. 72gms Boneless Skinless chicken breas

by AMERFOOTBALL   - 1 decade ago

Menu for fat loss?

is this good to lose fat? what about adding brown rice i heard it's good for fat loss? Br

by BodyImage   - 1 decade ago

Hypothetical question.

If eating 6 meals a day is good for boosting your metabolism, what about eating even more

by BodyImage   - 1 decade ago

Water (h20) Agua, Aqua, The Most Plentiful Thing On The Planet Earth

i haven't been drinking enough water. water is essential for fat loss. how much water do i

by AMERFOOTBALL   - 1 decade ago

tropicana orange juice PWO?

Hey just wondering if trop. orange juice was a good source of PWO carbs has about 26 carbs

by estray   - 1 decade ago

great Tuna Recipe

I have a great and cheap recipe! take 1 can of tuna and add half or one cup of unsweetne

by canibalistic_js   - 1 decade ago

Bulking Diet

I want to make sure this is a good bulking up diet (well, these foods) A whole can of bean

by johnnyc   - 1 decade ago

This ever happen to anyone?

I was at the casio sat night and had the all you can eat prime rib and crab legs buffet. A

by estray   - 1 decade ago


ok i got a question i hear that eating chicken breast and turkey breast its good protein b

by estray   - 1 decade ago

anyone ever try these?

protein bars made by AST. VYO.PRO they arent loaded with protein they only have 20 gram

by goldentornado22   - 1 decade ago

All Natural

Does anybody train without supplements.

by president_fad   - 1 decade ago

sugary stuff

a friend of mine on my football team, suggested eating something sugary immediately after

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

New diet....mostly finished..

Alright, here's about what I eat during the day...dinner is still a little rough, trying t

by lil bit   - 1 decade ago

whats your fav. healthy smoothie

just want to get some ideas of some good healthy shakes/smoothies...or protein mix???

by mickybud   - 1 decade ago

What our Bodies Need

Sometimes I have a difficult time dicerning what my bodies needs to be healthy and grow, a

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

anyone eat venison??

I know i eat a whole lot of venison all year and never really knew how it compared to beef

by TripleA23   - 1 decade ago


I have been a lot of tunafish, and salmon. Trying to maintain my muscle and maybe get a l

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

Bulking + Cutting = Hooplah?

Thought I'd post an interesting point of view. I think I might try this... Posted by

by goldentornado22   - 1 decade ago

Pulse Question

I was wondering how to take my pulse. Reason-- If you take your pulse in the morning and i

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

diet for my mom

I need a diet for my mom. shes not excessively overweight, although she is only 5' and we

by androgenic_mastr   - 1 decade ago

wanna go from 18% bf to 12

I know diet and excersize are the two key staples in this but i was wondering what i could

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

complex carb ?

i got these crackers at whole foods and ther amazing now i dont know igf there complex car

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

Lunch Meats?

are they bad for u i usually have one turkey sandwich a day......with alot of turkey about

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago


anybody here has try quinoa I think thats how you write it its supposed to be some type of

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

More Protein Help

Hey everyone. I need help with this. I need more protein. Here is what I eat: -Protein

by munequita   - 1 decade ago

Lose some fat, gain some muscle

Here it is. There is so much advice out there I don't know what to believe or do. I've r

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

Egg White Nutrition

Hey everyone. Im trying to keep up with my nutrition facts so I need help with one. I

by bowers   - 1 decade ago

Help w/ wife's diet

My wife is still having problems losing last few pounds. Shes been stuck at same weght sin

by bowers   - 1 decade ago

Protein Shakes

Hey everyone. During the day when Im drinking my Whey Protein Shakes, how many oz. or cups

by bowers   - 1 decade ago

Soy and Glutamine

Ive seen alot of people say to consume Glutamine right after a workout. Is that right?

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago

Whey Protein

Hey everyone. Im 20 years old, 6'3", 255lbs. Im drinking 8 bottles of water(13 floz),

by estray   - 1 decade ago

Daily Diet Help

Hey everyone. I need help with something. Im wanting to try to get between 400g-500g of pr

by JackB03   - 1 decade ago

What to eat?

I am 16 and im currently taking weightlifting 1st block at HS. I like to eat a lot of pro

by illsniggles   - 1 decade ago


When I went to the Bahamas last summer,we ate so much conch(konk) I think I am missing it.

by bigI   - 1 decade ago


Trying to slim down. Beans okay for the diet. If so, better in the morn, day, or night????

by brandozzz   - 1 decade ago

Diet/Program needed

My mate is currently 77kg and wants to hit 85kg.. he thinks he is doing everything right b

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

Transforming my diet into a bulking one

Hi guys this is my diet that I ussed so far to go from 90Kgs to 73Kgs. I'm planning to sta

by canibalistic_js   - 1 decade ago

carb depleting!

Day number "2" with my precontest diet. So far so good. The ending looks like i

by StellaBella   - 1 decade ago

raw eggs

i know this was probably discussed before, but does anyone eat raw eggs?

by cosmic-dust   - 1 decade ago

How does this sound?....

Ive been settling in with my diet now for a few days and i wondered if a few of you could

by estray   - 1 decade ago

kinda confused???

Im relatively new to the world of bodybuilding and find myself a bit confused on the diet

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

High Protein Cereal?

Anyone know of any high protein cereals?

by John H   - 1 decade ago

Sleepy Foods

what are some foods you eat b4 bed that will make you tired and fall asleep easily? I kno

by bigpappapump   - 1 decade ago


When I cut down, is it a good idea to cut out all dairy becuase of how it can bloat you or

by munequita   - 1 decade ago

My Bulking Diet..Please critique.

This is what I've been eating for roughly 6 weeks. Everyday is not like this, but this is

by Improvise   - 1 decade ago

HELP! I hate tuna and that food...

I hate all that canned tuna and what not. Not a fan of seafood. Anything else to eat tha

by estray   - 1 decade ago

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