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gatorade during workout

Is drinking gatorade during a workout just as benficial as drinking one directly after a w

by yolkedperformance   - 1 decade ago

Fats/Carbs question, driving myself nuts

Hey guys. Well I was here awhile back but could not join the gym, now everything finally f

by SEVEN3DEUCE   - 1 decade ago

Milk as bad as alcohol ?

I got this email from a health and fitness email subscription I have - I think it was from

by jpk89   - 1 decade ago

Nutrient timing

What have people had the most sucess with in terms of nutrient timing. Carbs in the mornin

by jpk89   - 1 decade ago

IDS New Whey - any thoughts?

Just wanted to get everyones thoughts on IDS's New Whey liquid protein. I've tried it, and

by jpk89   - 1 decade ago

m a Newbie..need some DIET TIPS..

hey hello.. m a newbie, n i just started with the 5*5 workout last week. need some sug

by jpk89   - 1 decade ago

What should i eat

i'm 17 years old and i weigh 133 pounds.Im starting out bodybuilding properly tomorrow and

by jpk89   - 1 decade ago

Eggs -- Good or bad for you?

I currently have adapted my diet to eat more eggs, as I have heard from numerous sources t

by jpk89   - 1 decade ago


ok so i eat 10 boneless chicken breast a day. i have to eat stuff cold cause im a rough in

by jpk89   - 1 decade ago

Weight loss with Eph, Can you eat?

Hi there guys I fight MMA, have never really been ina gym per say, weights etc....

by viperfightteam   - 1 decade ago

Best weight loosing methods

Definitely drinking a lot of water. I know it doesn't actually burn fat or whatever but si

by jpk89   - 1 decade ago

Soy Protein

I have heard that Soy milk is not good for bodybuildres as it may elevate estrogen levels

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

New start from tomorrow

My self: -Hello, my name is Andy and Im from Ca, 19 years old. I weight in 240 and heig

by Mkizz21   - 1 decade ago

confused and could use some suggetions...

iv been doing some hard dieting for a year now, eating 3300 calories a day, 440 calories o

by thesub21   - 1 decade ago

help me stay motivated

Hi, So did the BBing thing a for a few years as recently as about 2 years ago. Since t

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

follow a diet/healthy nutrition?

Hello, I don't follow any strict diet - I just want to exclude sweets and bread from my e

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago


Hi Guys, Please have a look and see if this diet is okay? I'm currently about 200 po

by shadrach   - 1 decade ago

Light weights and protein

Ok before I get flamed to hell, yes I know about power lifting, I used to lift a modified

by bennybenny401   - 1 decade ago

help with diet

hey guys i am looking do a bodybuilding competition in october of this year. so far here i

by californiaron13   - 1 decade ago

Question about counting calories

THe internet is absolutely stuffed with information on determining how to calculate your c

by jcvaughn26   - 1 decade ago

Miss smoking….knowingly

are many, but trying out and to make it into practice is the difficult process. Always lis

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

best way to getting a 6 pack

hey what is the best things to eat in order to get an awesome 6 pack?

by spokid   - 1 decade ago


This one is one which not all would be involved in as not all are orthodox who are here -

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

easy good bulking diet?

Hey i have been really trying to bulk for the last few months and have made quite good and

by ninasimren   - 1 decade ago

Wal-Mart style of protein supplements?

I usually buy like Optimum Nutrition but a friend of mine tells me he saves money by buyin

by californiaron13   - 1 decade ago

Check out my diet

Check out my diet and say opinion, tips, etc.. NOTE: GENERALLY I DO NOT USE SUPPLEMENTS

by aboutmuscle   - 1 decade ago

What healthy food should you buy?

Going to the supermarket is actually a little hard for people who want to be healthy. Ther

by John83   - 1 decade ago

Lost Water Weight?

Hey everyone, got a question for you, a little background info first. Im currenty 148lbs,

by John83   - 1 decade ago

What healthy food should you buy?

Going to the supermarket is actually a little hard for people who want to be healthy. Ther

by Aaronmac   - 1 decade ago

Eating Habits; go healthy

It is very important to know what you are bringing to your mouth since there are many thin

by Aaronmac   - 1 decade ago

Digestive enzymes

Man my gut is killing me thinking my stomach needs help breaking down my proteins, carbs e

by neuf08   - 1 decade ago

Help With Diet

I'm sure my diet could use some refining so I wanted to post it here and see what type of

by hartygolf   - 1 decade ago


Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me out with nutrition, as I have absolutely no

by goliner   - 1 decade ago

Please help me tweak my diet

Ok folks, I know you all get a lot of these same questions so let me appologize in advance

by hartygolf   - 1 decade ago

Help for Diet

is there any site out there that gives you simple lists of what you can eat when ?? l

by jcvaughn26   - 1 decade ago

Rate My Diet.

I am 18 years old....6'1 195 LBS. Meal 1: Breakfast 1 Scoop whey protein 2 Large eggs 5 e

by Dex2   - 1 decade ago


I am an ice cream addict... especially Milkshakes (anybody share my weakness?!) so I've co

by bodyforum   - 1 decade ago

Alittle Help, Please.

Here is my situation I am 190 LBS. I don't any fat anywhere but around my mid section...So

by BTram4   - 1 decade ago

Another thread about gaining mass...

Alright, I'm sure alot of the new posters ask this here so I apologize in advance....but I

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

When do you need to add supplements onto a clean diet?

Hi guys. I'm wondering, for a relative newbie at weight training, how much of progress

by jane_doe   - 1 decade ago

Can you guys help me with a bulking diet for a skinny 138 pound 14 yea

What do you guys think of this bulking Diet i am going to be starting tommarow. I just put

by Beast05   - 1 decade ago


Hey Guys and Gals .. Been away the forum for a while but trying to get back into things..

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

Is this safe?

Can I mix these things? Multi-Vitamin - Morphoplex Massive - TriFlex Fast Acting - Smas

by IroquoisMan   - 1 decade ago

NHE Certification Fitness Nutiriton

Has anyone here taken the NHE Certification fitness exam? Is it multiple choice or what? A

by IroquoisMan   - 1 decade ago

energy drinks

r energy drinks good for u as a bodybuilder

by IroquoisMan   - 1 decade ago

what should I be buying when doing groceries?

here's your answer

by redcurler   - 1 decade ago

green beans?

i really like green beans and wondering if it (1.75 cups) is a decent carb source for 2nd

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago

Help me with my diet please.

Hi guys, I am 5ft 8 and 180lbs, and I am pretty fat. I am trying to lose weight and get

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago

creatine dosage

i wa just wondering if it is ok to take creatine three times a day or i am only supposed t

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago

weekly diet?

Hi all i am new here and have next to no knowledge on diet and nutrition weighing in at 14

by IroquoisMan   - 1 decade ago

need help with my supplement/diet routine

hey guys, im new to this forum and wanted to say hi and tell my information and ask que

by IroquoisMan   - 1 decade ago

Tuna Mixes

I eat a lot of tuna salads for the protein content. I typically mix mine with sliced celer

by IroquoisMan   - 1 decade ago

time of day

i was jus wondering at wat point of da day is creatine and glutamine supposed to be taken?

by IroquoisMan   - 1 decade ago

cuting out soda

how do i cut out soda from my everyday life? is there an easy way

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago

Need help with my diet?

Hi its me again i just re-wrote my diet for cutting again im 6'2'' 207lbs 34 years old my

by pivotpoint   - 1 decade ago

Drinking water and losing weight!

I don't know about you guys but I've heard this over and over for years but never really t

by MightyMuscles   - 1 decade ago

hard weight loss

What is a good diet to follow for some one who has a hard time losing weight? I work two j

by danezeife   - 1 decade ago

14 year old needs help!!!!

Hey thanks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago

am i eating right!!!!

Hi, not been on for a while... 16 months actually, and really let myself go, need to get t

by po78   - 1 decade ago

Please critique my diet....

Hi I am 6'2" 238lbs i will start to cut down please critique my diet.I lift weight

by po78   - 1 decade ago

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