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My cycle starting Aug 1

Week 1 900mgs Tren 700mgs Prob 700mgs Winnie 700mgs Masteron Week 2-5 600mgs Tren

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

New approach....

Starting my fifth cycle......... Looking for aproval. 24 y/o 187 lbs 14% b/f 5'10"

by RHNewfie   - 1 decade ago

Oxymetholone and Primobolan?

:thumbs: I want to thank you for the help, with your info I could look up more, and it wou

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

First cycle

Hi, I'm 23 years old, 5ft 8, 225 Lbs, still 13,6 % fat (but it's going down) I was traini

by theHULK9281   - 1 decade ago

Deca and Testanon?

Im currently new in the game of steriods. I have Deca along with Testanon in which I'm sta

by Aaar0n   - 1 decade ago

lil richard rookie

Hey... I just wanted to put you guys on notice about my first cycle. I'm hoping you guys

by regino007   - 1 decade ago

Punks Summer cycle

Well im starting my summer looks something like this at the moment. Weeks

by punk_bbuilder   - 1 decade ago

1st Test Enanthate cycle...

I've got enough Test Enan to do an 8 week cycle(I could probably get more if needed). I've

by punk_bbuilder   - 1 decade ago

cycle change

sup guys ive changed my cycle its gonna look like this dbol 35mg weeks 1-6 sus250 750

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

Next Cycle.... lotsa gear

LOL ok here it goes 500mg of enath weeks 1-10 with a 900mg front load first 2 weeks....

by Durabolin   - 1 decade ago

1st steroid cycle please tell me if it looks good

sup guys im 19 y.o. and have been training for about 4 years. im 5'10 240lbs at about 17pe

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

My next go

So I am getting my stuff together for my next cycle. I was thinking about adding Deca and

by Durabolin   - 1 decade ago

My cycle

I have done 2 pervious cycles before. My last cycle was Sust and Eq and I got big off of i

by Durabolin   - 1 decade ago

Third cycle...take a look.

Weeks 1-14 Sust 750mg Weeks 1-14 Eq 500mg HCG 15 Nolva 60mg/40mg 16 Nolva 20mg I

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

My cycle

Running Parabolin 200mg/ml EQ blend 200mg undec/ 50mg ace t3 I will be adding in cyp 500

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

First Cycle

Hey im probably gonna start my first cycle in about a month, im having trouble deciding on

by titan   - 1 decade ago

Everyone read

Whenever asking for advice on cycles we need this info... Stats-weight, height and age.

by shortz   - 1 decade ago

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