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Please help me out

Hay I hope that you all be fit and fine I want to take a part in the competition of m

by A.B   - 9 years ago

I'm looking for a way to really develop my shoulder

My only problem is i can't do behind the neck barbell pressing without aggravating my shou

by californiaron13   - 1 decade ago

Does body building is good for teens?

i have just read some post and its picture of a body builder which is only 18 years old..

by lar789   - 1 decade ago

Crazy 18 year old

just been reading through december's issue of FLEX and theres the results of 2007 european

by lar789   - 1 decade ago

Lost 65 lbs of fat in 7 months to compete

update lisa took 2nd this week at her show thank God for Redemption 2nd show ever and sh

by lar789   - 1 decade ago

3 weeks out

these are old but i wanted to show my boy cani the leg shot is from 7 weeks i dont hav

by lar789   - 1 decade ago

2010 NPC Midwest Novice BB, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Classic

Hey everybody!!! I have some great news... You all are invited to compete in the 2010 NP

by fitgirltitone   - 1 decade ago

11 weeks out!!!!!!!

hey guys its been forever since ive been here but its that time again and i want your guys

by peterjems   - 1 decade ago

32 weeks out...Going for Natural pro card

Whats up everyone. I will be competing in a show on the 29th of Aug. It is hosted with the

by goldgyman   - 1 decade ago

Elias Petsas

Elias Petsas the bodybuilder that won the 1972 mR Univesrse. I am wondering what ever happ

by MegaA   - 1 decade ago

how long does it take for creatine to work

i am training hard so when will i see the benefits

by the_wildcard   - 1 decade ago

For Sale Brand New BlackBerry 8320 for $180

..........suck my corn ass

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Craig Titus

OK by now im sure everyone has heard the story and saw the utube videos. So lets hear it w

by csyflt   - 1 decade ago

What do you all think of Victor Martinez?

by son_of_jorel135   - 1 decade ago


i was denied eligability for my two contest i wanted to compete in due to use of ****ing n

by thatoneguy   - 1 decade ago


found some pics of gunter from 2003, looks ripped. shame ronnie n jay are running the show

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

Dexter Jackson


by 1badRussian   - 1 decade ago


anyone know of any online store that actually has these in stock?"

by JDIESEL   - 1 decade ago

Classic Ronnie Videos...

the mass on ronnie is still unbelivable at his age but i found some pretty funny vid's.

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

Mr Olympia Upset

I'm not that upset though... Jay toppled the champion :) 10th place: $14,000, Gunter Sc

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

Mr O my picks

Who will finish 1st? JAY CUTLER Who will finish 2nd? RONNIE COLEMAN Who will finish

by John H   - 1 decade ago

Big FAME News this Week!

Stop spamming for you gay ass web site.

by AKS   - 1 decade ago


go to watch his preview thing at the bottom. its f-in INSANE! GO JA

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago


who wants to sign up? September 15th i'll crea

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

Is this picture REAL?

Was googling images of Dorian Yates and found this one:

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

FAME Miami North American Championships

Too many spammers lately

by askthefamepro   - 1 decade ago

6 1/2 weeks

Felt like ass that day still holding around 225 was 227 I think before the gym that day..B

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

Note about Johnnie Jackson

I just wanted to say that he is a peoples' pro. A week ago, he got married. The day afte

by stnspn_44   - 1 decade ago

2006 NPC USA's

i was lookin at some pics and the final results and i came across this pic. he kinda looks

by John H   - 1 decade ago

11 weeks out

I will explain more later but just wanted to get the pics up for you guys..

by Storm   - 1 decade ago


The great Louei Ferigno is a bodybuilding favourite to many people. I myself had a screens

by Dex   - 1 decade ago

This Forum:

Is ran by our very own Storm. He is one knowledgable mo'fo when it comes to bodybuilding c

by SMBLSBGARMS   - 1 decade ago

Looking to get into comps

I need advice.. I am looking to get into comps.. I have been told it would be cool for me

by PTIBAlla   - 1 decade ago

Me and Branch Warren

just got back from the bb show and branch was the guest poser. he got off stage and jumped

by brandozzz   - 1 decade ago

close cutting

i know all the diets but i cant find anywhere that legitimately tells you how to cut form

by TomSizeMore   - 1 decade ago

pro bb info

now whats the deal with the pros do all of them lose all of their natural test and how are

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

cuttin game

i was talkign to a trainer who gottene poepl to show weight and he was telling mea few tri

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

competing weight

hey guys storm and u other guys gotta help me out with that im about 217 and im competing

by nattybber   - 1 decade ago

cutting diets competitors?

i know alot about diets and foods i take nutrition classes at night i eat reaally good now

by PTIBAlla   - 1 decade ago

Bantamweight competitors question

When competing in a smaller division such as this one,what do judges usually look for?Some

by ecto180   - 1 decade ago

just a few questions for competing

what would be a good size to start competing, ive never done any shows because i was so un

by jimbo   - 1 decade ago

How big is to big...

Alright way back when everything looked good.Arnold looked amazing he was just right but w

by TomSizeMore   - 1 decade ago

Thinking about competing???

Don't bullshit around thinking you have to be a certain weight to do it..It takes time jus

by nattybber   - 1 decade ago


mother of god

by TomSizeMore   - 1 decade ago

Whos your favorite???

My favorite pro is Dexter "THE BLADE" Jackson :laughing: and Jay Cutler baby!!

by nattybber   - 1 decade ago

question about Posing

id like to compete in a few shows but i dont know any poses well i konw them but not sure

by CUTS   - 1 decade ago

North Carolina

Who's going to the Charlotte Pro on Sept. 30th (my bday) and Oct. 1st? I'll be there o

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

Anyone heard of him

Just wondering...has anyone here heard of Wade he an idiot when it comes to bo

by 1BdMfkr   - 1 decade ago

old pro's

back in the 80's, when i was a kid, there was a bodybuilder named Phil Hill. He was gigan

by JAVIER2005   - 1 decade ago


Whens your next competition bro?

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

When is the next comp in OR/WA?

Anyone? I am hoping for one in my area will be in exactly 15 weeks.

by KING   - 1 decade ago

Canadian Nationals...........?????????

is anyone going to be in Edmonton for the nationals in august? i am thinknig about going

by Smallguy   - 1 decade ago

Save this weekend: 2/18-20/05 TheFitExpo + Contests: Pasadena, Ca.

Thanks, but no thanks. Ask permission FRom A.B and 2Guns before you post stuff or you will

by daleglen   - 1 decade ago

anyone here compete?

any competitors out there??? I haven't done a show in YEARS, but I think i will be getting

by punk_bbuilder   - 1 decade ago

Al Shaw needs your help!

posting this for a good bro!!!! We need your Help. Hello, Many of you know me an

by A.B   - 1 decade ago