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asia pharma cycle?

hello guys please let me know what do you mean about that new human brand gear its come

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

Got some Epistane

Tried this stuff once and loved it. Just got it again so I'll post up how it went. Goin

by Dex2   - 1 decade ago

test LA /Tribolan 75

does any one know anything about test LA or tribolan have searched every were and know luc

by mog   - 1 decade ago

Spintry own thread

Hi That is a great post. I am 43 and have been training for something since i was 16, w

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Get at me.

I'm new to bodybuilding and am the only one of my friends who cares about appearance. The

by Spintry   - 1 decade ago


I have a fight in 2 mounths and weigh 240 have to get to 210 should i cycle windstrol by i

by SHOG   - 1 decade ago


hi I got some anavar and wondered has anyone used this and what do they think of it? I got

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

EQ... starting my own gear..

I've found some eq, and the guy said it comes in liquid now, not powder.. Is this correct?

by 2277jeff   - 1 decade ago

Would it be ok to do just a cycle of winstrol?

Just trying to get hard and ripped, don't want any added weight.

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

How much is too much??

Currently on a Tren and Test-E cycle. I like to take my shots on Mondays, and Thursdays

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

first glute shot went A OK!

started my winter bulker cycle.delts are kinda used up and i hate quad took me 2

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

deca, tren enth, test enth

hey guys, this si my first cycle, i have test enth, tren enth, and deca. my trainor said t

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

should i use pregnyl after a 9wk course of anaval?

hey lads im wonder whether I should use pregnyl after completing a 9 week course of ana

by caseystoner   - 1 decade ago

Newbie to roids

I am planning my first ever cycle, been reading loads of stuff on what to start with and I

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

where to get clen

I am a stupid fag with a red beard..Bye bye now.

by redbeard   - 1 decade ago

Nipples - help!

Guys, I do a couple of coarses os sustanon each year and i just finished a 9 week coarse a

by Big Bloke   - 1 decade ago

T3 / clenbuterol stack

Hello all. I currently have 120 25mcg tabs of Cytomel T3 and 120 20mcg tabs of clentbutero

by moofy   - 1 decade ago

first ever cycle, just a bit of help req

I am planning my first ever cycle, been reading loads of stuff on what to start with and I

by craig170281   - 1 decade ago

stanazol tablets

Hi, question. i got 200 stena tablets. there yellow and very small.. i wanted to know ho

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Stanazol - Stanazolol - Ephidreen, help plz ^^

Hey all 1st- im so sorry if i posted this thread on a wrong place and im sorry if some1

by rod   - 1 decade ago


Hey I just got some stanazol steroids 25 mg capsuls (50 per bottle) It looks like its mad

by rod   - 1 decade ago

stana test la stack

ey im new to ths im 90kgs 179cm about to get my hands on sum stana and some test la. Any i

by harmer   - 1 decade ago

Work site drug testing??

hey guys, i get drug tested at work and wondering if my cycle will come up and ill be fire

by co13   - 1 decade ago

Skipping a dose

I've been on a mini cycle of Anavar 20mg for 6 weeks already and yesterday I totally forgo

by julianvada   - 1 decade ago

Methyl 17 Androfidiene

Probably spelt the whole thing wrong but meh anyways its the testosterone booster from nx

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

Fake EuroHormones HGH? Advice appreciated.

A recent kit of EuroHormones HGH appears to be different than a previous order in a number

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

my first cycle

height 172 weight 77k 150lb years training 3

by Morgan   - 1 decade ago

blast and cruise

hi. i am racer and this is my first thread. i have been reading a lot on blast and cruise,

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago


Has anybody heard of this company? I have some Test E from them and was wondering.

by BulletTrap   - 1 decade ago

test Enanthate

hi guys, just got some iranian test enanthate, couple of boxes, 10 amps per box and was ju

by curbside   - 1 decade ago

Quick question about nolvadex ?

I am on a cycle for about 12 weeks and wanted to configure if I should keep nolvadex on ha

by csyflt   - 1 decade ago

question about a lab

Has anyone ever heard of New Era Pharmaceuticals? Ive looked around and havnt found anythi

by csyflt   - 1 decade ago

my clen/t3 cycle

ok heres te deal.i am gonn cut for 6-8 weeks before my winter bulk.never tried clen or t3

by bignready   - 1 decade ago


hi! someone sold me pills and he told me they were anavar. there was 2 colors: green and r

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago

clenbuterol and cytomel t3/t4

Hi, I'm completely new to this site, not to mention that i've never experimented with sta

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Advise for female 38 to lose weight

I am a 38 year old female, I work out regularly and cannot get off my weight, I am about 3

by A.B   - 1 decade ago

non user/ never used question

when is a cycle a good idea? when is "it" the "next step?" im not s

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago


Hey everyone, i have a few questions and need everyones thoughts and comments on this one

by cwshorns   - 1 decade ago

Dbol Only Cycle

My workout partner bought 10 weeks of Deca, 10 Weeks of Test E, and 6 weeks of DBOL.. To m

by pazer   - 1 decade ago

Difference between masteron and proviron?

What differences are there between the injectable masteron and the oral proviron? They bot

by pazer   - 1 decade ago

starting a cycle and need advice

I'm about to start taking test 200 mg and deca 200 mg. My plan was to take 1cc of test and

by   - 1 decade ago

Anyone hear of 20mg Anavar tabs?

A buddy of mine got a hold of 20mg anavar tabs and been on it for about a month. He says t

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

Read this do not order from alinshop

e mail i recieved from meso-morph site: Poison In A Package Tests found lead, tin, ar

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

Deca 200 stack

I'm 18..5'11'' and about 140lbs...i was thinking about starting a 6 week cycle of deca 200

by csyflt   - 1 decade ago

Winstrol and Deca-durabolin stack. should i add proviron and clomid?

Hi, i'm a new member here. i'm going for the winny and deca cycle. should i add any provir

by LukeVTS   - 1 decade ago

Need help setting up cycle for buddy

Hey guys, I am setting up a cycle for a buddy. My buddy is 5'9, 240lbs and almost 24 yrs o

by canibalistic_js   - 1 decade ago


Anyone heard or used Are they legit?

by csyflt   - 1 decade ago Steroid eBook SCAM!! ebook, "The Secrets of Mail Order Steroid Success" is a complet

by LA2008   - 1 decade ago

newby to steroids

hi im 44 from hampshire uk and am thinking of stetroid help for building up my muscles but

by dave_76567   - 1 decade ago

new question

had a friend go to cabo and just got back. said he bought american sus 250 in cabo. anyo

by canibalistic_js   - 1 decade ago

quick question

my buddy is on deca and test and hes been doing it for about a month now and he wont liste

by j.cavo   - 1 decade ago

do i need to have a brake

i have bean using glonavar 20mg/day for 6 weeks now and a bit of primo-100mg/week inj fro

by rino   - 1 decade ago


My boy friend is a "meat head", no offense to anyone just my nickname for him. A

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

back on and feeling good

hey guys.been through hell with evryhting some of you know,im on trt and was doi

by bignready   - 1 decade ago


anyone ever order anavar safely ? and from where did u order from ?

by bignready   - 1 decade ago

new things

hi after using 30mg GLONAVAR , ( its a generic ANAVAR , OXANDROLONE MADE BY GLOBAL ANABO

by rino   - 1 decade ago

naposin tabs

how do u like the 5 mg naposim tabs by terapia and how many do u eat a day

by Storm   - 1 decade ago

Winni Help

What Should I Use For Winni As Far As Pins Use The Regular Ones Or The Small Insulin Pins?

by DBLOK1113   - 1 decade ago

Soft Packs... Need Empty Vials

Hey guys.. I get all my gear from a lab called Axio.. very good stuff have used it success

by MercyDog   - 1 decade ago

Cycle help for a buddy

I figured this part of the board seems a little slow so I thought I'd post this here. I ha

by DBLOK1113   - 1 decade ago

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