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Affect me if im trying to build lean muscle? i want to grow but i dont want water retention cuz it took me a long to c my abs again and i want something to help me without making me bloat.  

07 Jul 2008 03:06

No, it will not effect gaining muscle.  

07 Jul 2008 05:36
[QUOTE=cosmic-dust;88381]No, it will not effect gaining muscle.[/QUOTE]

but will it make me lose my leaness(if thats even a word) because i dont want to gain any water weight or fat just muscle.  

07 Jul 2008 06:11
i guess what im trying to ask is will i get the bloating u get from creatine or not?  

07 Jul 2008 06:14
bloating is just that, its bloating. In other words its retained water. It has nothing to do with your leanness or body fat.  

07 Jul 2008 06:51
so is n.o. xplode the best or is there any recommendations as to wut to take for more strength and faster muscle development?  

07 Jul 2008 07:20
Train harder  

07 Jul 2008 10:45
[QUOTE=cosmic-dust;88392]Train harder[/QUOTE]


07 Jul 2008 23:28
Sorry, I didn't mean to come across like that.

If you really need a supplement to help, creatine is best for strength. Don't worry about any water retention (I never noticed any whenever I was using it) because it's simply just water. Decrease simple carbs through the day (except for breakfast and when training).

If you get your body fat low enough, water retention will not hide your abs to make you look fat.  

08 Jul 2008 07:36
correct me if i am wrong but with creatine the water is forced into the muscle so any bloat that would be noticed would be from a SLIGHT increase in muscle size. as cosmic said with the correct bf% you should not have a problem. you might gain weight but it will not be from fat just water retention in the muscle itself. i have never had any problems with water retention though. i think you are worried a little too much about it Wink  

08 Jul 2008 20:21
alright then. thanks..Smile  

09 Jul 2008 01:21
watch your diet brother is the key is water rentention... sodium carbs etc  

09 Jul 2008 03:12

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