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whats up guys started this stack today.. my test e is 275mg/ml, and my dbol is liquid 50mg/ml. I am taking 550mg test e a week, and 25-30 mg of dbol. My question is how should I take the dbol, should i load it all up 30 min before my workout or space it out throughout the day? Any help or input would be appreciated.  

03 Oct 2007 01:13

split the dbol into 2-3 doses.  

03 Oct 2007 03:57
My input is that liquid dbol is crazy! Anyone know a reason why it would ever be used? either way would be fine bro. But seriously, i would have just got tabs and gone on them for 4 weeks at the start of the cycle.  

03 Oct 2007 19:49
What is so crazy about liquid dbol? Were not talking about injectable here just oral suspension. Its much easier to get the desired dosages out of a dropper as opposed to trying to split tabs in half.  

03 Oct 2007 20:48
i see! got the impression it was injectable. My bad. Still. Just get thai dbol. 5mg tabs, saves messin about measuring with droppers.  

03 Oct 2007 20:59
yea i would definately prefer the tabs.. however my guy just gets the liquid and its priced very well... My problem is splitting up the dbol, i took the pin off one of my syringes and just dropped it in the bottle, the problem is that it is a 6ml syringe, meaning 1/2ml looks like a freakin drop. Can u get something more precise at a drug store?  

04 Oct 2007 02:53

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