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Hey people summa is comin ova in Australia real soon n im panicking i need some help 4 this cycle i got..can some 1 help put it together i got..

20mlz of CYP/PROP (mixed)
10mlz of sus 250
10mlz of deca 200

itz my 2nd cycle...basically wanna know wat the most effective way to hit it..  

29 Aug 2007 03:34

No need for multiple threads.  

29 Aug 2007 06:25
Relax man, its still winter until the 1st... although it feels like summer at the moment.

and why is this thread in supplements section?  

29 Aug 2007 12:06
meybe he thinks that summer is a supplement? it gives us more heat which enters our brains with the new and improved formula called SUN light. It has been tested by 20 top supplement scientists on millions of people and it really works! It is better than No-Xplode.

btw i think thats pure bs. We just want to workout and to look good for summer... wait it does work!!!  

29 Aug 2007 16:57
Actually that's true it releases some hormone in your brain that Bipolar people benefit from.

Summer is almost over anyhow---

That's not a very good cycle. stick with 1 type of test and and deca but first what are your stats and what not  

29 Aug 2007 18:24
John H
Summer is almost over anyhow---

not in aussieland mate  

29 Aug 2007 18:31
[QUOTE=John H;79659]not in aussieland mate[/QUOTE]

John by chance do you live in the US? just asking... I seriously doubt someone would miss you... :thumbs:  

29 Aug 2007 18:55
John H
I'm in good ol' Canada. As you can see by my location saying Edmonton, Alberta. Goddamn Americans are illiterate... :laughing:  

29 Aug 2007 20:38
I've never been there jacka$$... and, I am going to burn your entire family :D  

29 Aug 2007 20:48

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