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Hey guys I've been working out and been feeling like I have little energy before workouts, I was wondering if you guys got a suggestion on a good supplement that will get me wired when I workout.

If you guys have a supplement that does this along with other functions that would be great, best bang for buck would be nice. I just find after a long day at work I get there and am to tired to give it my all.

On a side note I currently taking gnc protein and mega men multi vits.


11 Aug 2007 22:03

I think No-Xplode by BSN will help, only problem is its not cheap (well here anyway). I've never used it before but im going by its rep.
Cheaper alternative would be dextrose and caffeine pre-workout. Maybe creatine will help aswell..can take that with the dextrose.

EDIT - I should have added, what you eat throughout the day will have an impact on your energy levels when it comes to training also. just a thought  

12 Aug 2007 06:05
bump^^^ i love n.o. xplode it works great for me and try eating more carbs maybe your not gettin enough that should help you out for energy all day  

12 Aug 2007 09:01
for energy....spike tabs do great for that clear energy focus in the gym  

12 Aug 2007 19:12
Yes no-explode is great. When you are on it you never get tired in the gym :P
I am going to buy it again when i can.  

13 Aug 2007 05:06
After looking at no-explode seems like it

1) gives you energy
2) works like a nitirc oxide for your veins
3) works as a subpar creatine seeing as it isn't meant to be just creatine.

I am seriously considering it, but if you were on this would it mean you were taking creatine, or would you buy another product, I guess I am asking if this is a strong enough creatine supplement to count or not. Overall looks really good I think I might try it.

As to my diet I know I could be eating a bit better but to be hoenst ive changed alot but I am talking smaller steps now because I want it to be a lifestyle change that I can handle not a fad. But I will take that into consideration ..... hmmm potato(carbs)

And thanks for the responses.  

13 Aug 2007 18:32
yea diet helps alot with everything and its good your trying to make it a lifestyle rather than a fad...ive always been told not to use n.o. xplode as your only source of creatine i take cell mass as well as n.o. xplode  

13 Aug 2007 19:25

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