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When do you take creatine, when you wake up or before you go to sleep???  

06 Aug 2007 02:49

cool thanks thats what i am doing.  

06 Aug 2007 04:59
i always took my creatine at the same time every day (regardless of workout day or non workout day) but i don't think it is a major issue... possibly a more even level if taken in a regimine.  

06 Aug 2007 21:27
[QUOTE=brsett]As long as the same time everyday included right after workouts, then you're fine. Why it matters is surprising to me, but it does.[/QUOTE]

yeah it did:thumbs:  

07 Aug 2007 21:25
Is it better to take it before or after a workout?  

27 Aug 2007 23:57
depending on how much red meat and fish i was eating.. I would usually take 10g pre training for a week to max out levels, then after the loading phase usually post training to replenish with glucose.  

28 Aug 2007 10:14
[QUOTE=cmp007;79557]Is it better to take it before or after a workout?[/QUOTE]

It really depends on the type of creatine you are taking, meaning, are there other ingredients included. There have been very few studies completed taking creatine after a workout, most studies have been on subjects taking before a workout.

The most important thing is that creatine is present in your system when your muscles need it. I have found the best type is Kre-Alkalyn a "buffered" form of creatine monohydrate. This helps prevent conversion into creatinine, which is known to cause cramping etc... All Kre-Alkalyn is made by the same company due to patent, and the brand I use is by Elite Delivery Technologies (Elite-K 90 Caps).  

11 Sep 2007 06:23

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