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First of all I'd like to say hi as I have just joined these forums. For the past 6 months I have been working out very hard to loose lots of fat. Yes I was a fat kid, 40 pounds later I look decent but nothing special.

For the first 3 months all I did was try to loose weight, I readjusted my eating and did hard cardio. The past 3 months I have been making sure my protein intake = 1g per pound so in my case it's currently 210 pounds.

What I am looking for is something to help me put on muscle I take protein, and the mega men vitamins from GNC and am just looking for something complimentary. Cost isn't an issue to getting me big but I would prefer something that wouldn't add fat. Any suggestions and why?  

16 Jul 2007 19:44

there is prolly a million things to choose from...what kinda supp were you thinkin?  

16 Jul 2007 21:30
Well I was looking at NO2 explode or cell-tech , but are they just fancy creatines?  

16 Jul 2007 22:11
no2 and cell-tech are from two of the most popular companies which means that they are over prices... how old are you?that will help in finding something to work for you.  

17 Jul 2007 00:18
I am 22 and just looking for some products that work from people who have used them and can explain it to me. Every fitness magazine makes this wild claims where their product is the best. I am right now on protein as that is pretty simple and on the mega man multivitamin as so far those are concrete supps that I can understand.

like things like aplodan from muscle-tech seems like it makes sense but I have the feeling its bs. Pretty much I just want one more supp to fit in and help me out alot, Thanx.  

17 Jul 2007 00:52
John H
dont buy muscle tech products, they are crap and overpriced. so have you lost all of the weight that you wanted to before you try to bulk? do you have any specific goals? how tall are you? what is your diet like? what is your workout routine? all of these things will affect the outcome far more than any supp, but they will also help to figure out what kind of supp you might need, so post it up. (btw it is spelled "lose", im not trying to be a dick but it drives me nuts when people write "loose".)  

17 Jul 2007 03:53
Ok for starters I haven't lost all the weight I wanted but I am 205 when I wake up in the morning at 5"11. I have a pretty decent build I look alright you can see the top 2 abs pretty decent and my pecs do have some definition to them. I don't have a gut exactly but definitely need to loose some more fat.

What I want to do is lose fat slowly as I build muscle from this point on. My diet is alright I am still working on it. I eat about 3000 calories a day 1020 from protein shakes where i get 236 grams of protein the rest isn't perfect but I do not drink pop or eat fast food, I do sometimes eat pizza, is pepperoni pizza that bad from pizza pizza?. Overall my diet could use improving but its decent and improving, I'm taking steps so it becomes a lifestyle not a fad.

My workout routine is 5 days a week a 2 day split for 50 min a day. I do back and bicep one day and on day 2 I do chest/abs and shoulder. I also do 3 sessions of cardio as I play hockey two nights a week and make myself jog for 25 min on another day. I would also appreciate advice if my workout split sucks but to be honest I'm not worried about my legs years of hockey have made them large enough for now.

is that good for info ? if you really want I can post a pic in a few days I just don't have a digital camera.  

17 Jul 2007 04:33
John H
it is much more difficult to both lose significant amounts of fat and gain significant amounts of muscle at the same time, but you sound like you are not overweight at all. diet is key if you want to lose that last little bit, you can't let pizza stand in your way. and pepperoni pizza from pizza pizza has an extraordinary amount of grease, i know i used to eat it all the time and it drips all over the place. i would say you need to step up your lifting and lighten up on the cardio, what you're doing with the cardio is just working off those extra calories you are eating with no real gain. another thing is the legs, i know from experience about this, my legs are also quite large from playing hockey my entire life, but the body grows better as a whole. not working your legs can hinder the growth of your arms and chest as well. i would like someone else to step in and give you some more specific advice about diet because unless you're doing a straight bulk it's not my strong suit. good luck man  

17 Jul 2007 06:56
I have heard that as well about full body training encouraging more muscle growth all over your body. Well I guess I can cut out my extra running but I can't do much about my hockey games. What I am hoping is that my hockey weill burn my fat while my huge amount of protein will build my muscle, maybe thats wishful thinking.

Thanks alot for your adcvie, did you have a favorite product to recommend? as I said price isn't an issue I just want to keep the number of supps down so that I don't get into the situation where I am always having to take something at all times of the day.  

17 Jul 2007 21:14
John H
get some cheap whey powder, and the cheapest creatine you can find. thats really all you need, anything else should be in your diet  

18 Jul 2007 02:57
maybe some bcaa's starting out esp cuz your gonna be sore  

18 Jul 2007 03:17
Yeah I appreciate the advice I think all I really need is alot of protein and my multivitamins. Maybe aftr a few more months of hard training I will look into a creatine or a No2 of sorts but I think I need to do it without all the supps to begin with.
I think maybe I will fit in legs a bit, you prob have a point there.  

18 Jul 2007 20:26
trust me man you need amino acids, protein, and a multivitamin.thats all you need for now but you do need amino's!amino's and protein go together!  

18 Jul 2007 21:47

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