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dj spud
just bough a tub of this
never had this make before.
now theproblem i have is when i make it with water its really disgusting so i was wondering if i make it with milk what type of milk should i use?

also ive started a course of creatine, i was wondering how long should i take creatine for and how long should i have a rest from it?
i take 3 caps before and after training and i take 3 on non work out days.  

12 Jul 2007 13:26

dj spud

12 Jul 2007 22:53
are you tryin to bulk up? or lean out? or lose fat? it just depends...and as far as the creatine i take mine for no longer than 30 days on... then take at least 30 off.but thats just me  

12 Jul 2007 23:16
muscle milk tastes excellent but it is very high in calories and fat so thats y i asked him what his goals are bc itd be stupid to take that if hes tryin to lose fat.  

13 Jul 2007 01:06
dj spud
my goals are lose fat
firm up/tone up  

14 Jul 2007 20:05
if your trying to cut then i wouldnt mix it with milk cause thats more calories and everything else but if you really cant drink it with water then use skim milk thats what i do as far as the creatine goes i cycle it as well 30 days on and then 30 days off  

15 Jul 2007 00:45
bump^ also try syntha6 its good with water  

16 Jul 2007 05:11
dj spud
k cheers  

17 Jul 2007 16:44

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