should i be taking anything else?

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dj spud
at the moment im only taking between 2-4 protein shakes a day
but some days i forget to take them,ive even gone a full week before because sometimes i forget to have a shake.
at the moment im only training mon-tue and wednesday
sometimes on my 2nd week ill train monday to friday,then go back to my mon-tue-wednesday.
now i was just wondering is there anything else i should be taking with my protein?
or should i be taking anything else if i forget to take my protein shakes daily?
my aim is to lose fat and mass up.
so can anyone reccomend any supplements i should bve on please,also can you give me the price for the supplements so i know how much they are and i dont get ripped off

30 Jun 2007 21:55

dont forget your multi vitamin its one of the most important supps. you can take.....cutting and bulking at the same time is really hard if i were you id pick one and do that for awhile then do the other...if you wanted to you could take some creatine i really like cellmass but its up to you other than those three i wouldnt worry to much about alot if your just startin out just work hard in the gym and keep a clean diet  

01 Jul 2007 02:56
dj spud
well to be honest my diet is ok but i still eat choclate/crisp alot
i do also eat pasta and rice and things like that but i crave for sweet stuff
ive been going the gym for 2-3 years and ive always had protein
the other month i had multivitamins which lasted for 2 months

ive heard a lot of people on about creatine,
what will creatine do for me?
i dont want to waste money you see if i dont really need it

a few months ago i was cutting i had t5s my weight went to 16 stone(i cant get it any lower than that)
then when my t5s run out i thought id stop the cutting
now my weight is 17 stone,it doesnt go any higher than that or lower than 16 stone.

so would you reccomend me bulking?  

01 Jul 2007 10:30

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