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I have been taking No-Xplode 20 - 30 minutes before my workouts. I feel more jittery more that having energy. I take between 1 1/2 - 2 scoops. I think the caffenine is the issue. Can anyone recommend an alternative for energy before a workout? I have heard and read that carbs and protein are good before a workout. I currently take the No-Xplode before and Cellmass immediately after the workout and Whey protein 20 minutes after the Cellmass. Any help would be appreciated.  

15 Jun 2007 03:35

How long have you been taking No xplode?  

15 Jun 2007 06:57
Two weeks with two off days each week.  

15 Jun 2007 07:11
I'm hooked on animal pump, but everyone is different when it comes to stims and NO products pre workout!  

15 Jun 2007 16:43
well you can try 3 scoops and take it on your days off...muscletech came out with this stuff called nanovapor i tried and it like 99% of muscletech products it was trash but you could try it alot of people like it  

15 Jun 2007 17:13
I never take NO on my days off i do take cell mass though. When i am taking NO i take 3 scoops pre workout and then cell mass right after my workout and in the morning on an empty stomach.  

16 Jun 2007 01:07
I recently got a jug of myoginex Hyper Shock and am very satisfied. The pumps, vascularity, and workout intensity is the best Ive ever had. But Ive only tried NO2 and Nitrix so I cant say much about NOXplode, Ive actually heard that is wasnt bad, but if its giving you the jitters, than try the hyper shock. Im almost positive you will like it

The taste isnt bad at all and you just drink it the same as your stuff (15 to 30 minutes pre workout)  

02 Jul 2007 06:38

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