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has anyone used it and if so what do you think about it? the lady at GNC told me that some of her religous N.O. Xplode users told her she should stop sellin it cause the nano vapor is so much better so im curious but i wanna know if its better than N.O.Xplode first  

31 May 2007 21:38

I've heard nothing but "Muscle Tech is crap" from loads of people. Also on's foums... people say they really like this stuff. Some say it's okay. I'm kinda iffy about Muscle Tech's stuff.

However, the first thing I ever bought was Cell Tech and I made good gains from it. Then again, I also bought Pump Tech and stuff is just horse pills with little effect. So... if you've got cash to burn... I'd say try it out... if not then go with something you know works. Like N.O Xplode.  

01 Jun 2007 05:34
i have heard bad reviews about muscle tech as well, but this nanno vapor i have heard many good things about, i myself have not tryed it but will be over the summer, I personally think bsn is over rated and over priced, but i also found that all of muscle techs other products sux nuts lol  

05 Jun 2007 03:18
yea ive never liked muscletech products except for hydroxycut hardcore and as far as bsn products go ive liked using N.O. Xplode and cellmass but anyway i tried nano vapor the lady suckered me into buying some giving me all these good reviews shes gotten...well ive tried and ive used up to 3 scoops and i havent felt shit and im pissed i thought it was gonna be good.....imo n.o. xplode is a shit ton better im going back to using it  

05 Jun 2007 03:33
well u gotta wait more then 3 days haha, wait atleast 2 weeks and then give ur review  

06 Jun 2007 02:23
i asked the person at GNC if i would feel it the first time and she said yea i figured it would take awhile like your saying but she said you feel the full effect the first time  

06 Jun 2007 15:47
lol nevr belive the gnc ppl thier crazy atleast in canada  

07 Jun 2007 03:16
the only thing muscletech makes worth taking is nanox9...that is the most intense no2 supp i've ever used. if you havent tried it, i'd say give it a shot!!  

04 Jul 2007 05:53

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