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Hey guys, I''ve been real busy pulling my life together over the last few months, and havent had time to post. But now im back to working which means im on a comp 8 hours a day and got time to talk.

But anyway, anyone use Epistane? I got a bottle cause I figured if i dont use it i can always sell it in 6 months at 4x the price just like what happened to superdrol, lol. But if anyone has any experience, or how they used it i would like to know, i wanna use it if its worth it.  

29 May 2007 21:18

Talk to Dex about it...he was saying it was pretty good awhile ago  

30 May 2007 03:27
Good to see ya back.

Epistane is not nearly as stong as Superdrol. I doubt if it will even be banned. Seen some people get ok results some too have reported it taking care of some mild, persisting gyno.  

30 May 2007 03:34

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