testosterone boosters?

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my friend told me i should probably be takin these. dont know what they are? do they have side effects? are they like steroids?  

29 May 2007 17:50

How old are you? They are nothing like test. They only boost your ability to produce test. If you are 18-27 i wouldn't waste your time with a booster! Your natural levels should be high enough!  

29 May 2007 19:13
yea im 24. so theyll be a waste then  

29 May 2007 22:55
Definate waste man.  

30 May 2007 03:26
Tribulus Terrestris can act as a slight diuretic when taken on a low carb diet and help increase stamina but besides that they are more benefit to oldies as the others said. Alot of trib on the market is rubbish anyway, youll get much better gains by sticking to basics.  

30 May 2007 09:27
Storm says that taking tribulus is a waste of time unless it is taken in big amounts like 10 tablets a day or something. Others have sworn by it and others have said that they will never try it again as they had seen no results from its use. I ran a course of it and was indeferent - I couldn;t really see any drastic happen but thats not to right it off - sometimes changes are so subtle that you do not notice.  

30 May 2007 11:00
I'm 22 years old, and have done a one month cycle of Vyotechs 17H-D, and i was impressed with it.. Most will say i dont need it, but i have a lot of sex, so i figured it wouldn't hurt. I do notice more pumps with it in the gym vs. not taking it pre-workout. i only do one pill on the days that i work out and i definately have more intense workouts with the test boost. just my experience  

03 Jun 2007 00:04

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