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1) How long would I have to be off of creatine to do a 'reloading stage'? Because I've missed three days so far. (I've been out of the country and flooded with school work...)


2) I want to lose as much body fat possible before July 21st. So I was looking at things like Hydroxycut, Lipo6 and Leviathan. Should I add these to my routine or is there something better?

Thanks for you time.  

21 May 2007 06:32

Don't use creatine and if you do just use a small dose over a longer period of time.  

21 May 2007 09:47
add lots of cardo to the routine, 30 minutes first thing in the morning!  

21 May 2007 17:59
[QUOTE=DMH56308]add lots of cardo to the routine, 30 minutes first thing in the morning![/QUOTE]

I already do an hour every time I workout. Half hour before and half hour after.  

22 May 2007 05:18
As brsett said the new generation creatines you dont have to load with.  

22 May 2007 17:02
Yeah... well I don't think my creatine is very new generation. It says it needs a loading stage. I did that 'Make your own Cell-Tech' thing and bought the cheapest Monohydrate I could find.

Also, I don't think I want to take the time to do the 'create your own cell-tech' thing again so what would you guys suggest for when I run out of my stuff?  

22 May 2007 21:47
dont do cardio before your workout, its counter productive.  

22 May 2007 22:14
[QUOTE=president_fad]dont do cardio before your workout, its counter productive.[/QUOTE]

How so?  

22 May 2007 22:25
[QUOTE=Hyde]How so?[/QUOTE]

because when you get to the gym youre full of glycogen, which is what muscles use to lift weight. Before you burn fat, you have to rid of the glycogen. SO youre sitting there for 30 minutes trying to get rid of that to burn fat. Lets say you do and burn a little, then your workout will be complete ass because you have none left.  

22 May 2007 22:58
Wow... that (I think) might explain why one day I was benching 225 and the next week after running I could only do 205. If not... then I just suck. Thanks for that. Now I know.  

23 May 2007 10:56

These 3 sites will help you.


Are you just on here to push your stupid websites? If so, get the hell off because i havent seen any good advice from you!  

23 May 2007 18:41

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