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I just finished up my cycle of NO xplode and saw much improvement in my physique , but i want to give my body a break from it and switch to another supplement most likely creatine cause i havent been taking any except for whats in the NO which aint much. which creatine will i see the best results with and the least side effects with? or is there something else i should be takin besides protein shakes. i do take nitro tech hardcore for my protein shake.  

14 May 2007 23:25

CEE (Creatine Ethyl Ester)
Hardly any water bloat and it's the most potent form of creatine.
There are no bad side effects to creatine considering it's just an amino acid.
5 grams after workout with a form of simple sugar such as ribose, maltodextrin, or dextrose.
Cell mass is solid, but take it with about 50 grams of simple sugars.  

15 May 2007 04:08

15 May 2007 06:00
Creatine isnt an amino acid....but yeah hes right CEE works quite well.  

15 May 2007 08:26

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