quick NO Xplode question. SORRY!!LOL

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I was thinking about buying 2 bottles of no xplode, and just taking 1 scoup before workouts (and 1 scoup on non workout days as well) I just want a little something to get me jacked. Is it worth it to just take 1 scoup? Or is it just personal opinion, as in if 1 scoup gets me jacked enough go for it? Anyone else every tried taking just 1 scoup a day?  

08 May 2007 19:52

its personal. try 1, if it dont work try 2  

08 May 2007 21:59
I took two or three in the morning depending on how tired I felt. And just one scoop on off days. Also, if you mix that stuff with some good Arginine then you'll notice that you can lift for a longer span of time. I probably wont buy it again though because it just costs too much for just a preworkout 'spike'.

Hopefully my will power is up to par and will a sufficient replacement for the N.O. Xplode.  

09 May 2007 03:48
1,2,or 3 .....find out what your comfortable with  

09 May 2007 04:22
the thing about the N.O. is that you will definately build a tolerance to it.. My first jug I took one scoop and was more than satisfied.. then it took two... Now on three and i would say it just isn't working quite the same for me.  

20 Aug 2007 03:11
i believe your body builds a tolerance for no xplode its like...wierd i took 1 school first and felt a rush then it wasnt so much of a rush moved on to 2 then 3...and now im not on it becuase it has become completely ineffective. same as the person above me i guess i have wasted my time  

14 Sep 2007 18:11

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