Boulder meth

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Made by Rockhard Formulations. 17a-methyl-1, 4Androstadiene-3, 17-diol. Does anyone have any info on this supplement, has anyone tried it? Been looking but all i get is the info from where you can buy it.  

01 Apr 2007 21:22

yeah...i've taken boulder meth...i had awesome results. rock hard formulations is the real deal, they make awesome products. i took the boulder meth 2 caps a day along with the halocore 2 caps a day. i did this for 4 weeks and then week 5 i took estro ox another RHF product for 4 weeks. i was completely finished with this cycle around 2 months ago. all in all i gained 16lbs...but with rediculous strenght gains. some of my buddies have taken it, i had no side of my buddies got a little acne, but thats it so far its the best stack i've taken since md1t, which has been gone for a while. i'd recomend this stack for sure, so far i've kept all my gains strenght/size  

04 Jul 2007 05:16

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