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Wishing you the best today!!! You will rock.. Love ya...!!!  

17 Mar 2007 18:13

Go get em boss!!!  

17 Mar 2007 19:20
I thought it was next weekend..Good luck do your best.  

17 Mar 2007 21:24
Yea I just weighed in at 174 mid weights, 2 classes unlimited and novice.  

17 Mar 2007 21:56
good luck man!!  

17 Mar 2007 22:17
I just did prejudging some pro's are here Eryk Bui. Honestly, I'm not going to do well I'm probably not even top 5 if I am, I'm surprised but this is such a cool experience I met a few dudes and recognized a few people at one of my gyms.  

18 Mar 2007 00:10
awesome.. you will be awesome..  

18 Mar 2007 00:55
All the best man, goodluck!  

18 Mar 2007 04:36
Well, I went tonight to check in and they told me I was not competing with Novice which pissed me off because I would have been like 5-6 unlimited and probably have took novice. I paid for both and the guy said it was my fault because I was supposed to pose for both at both prejudging and the show but someone else said just to pose for unlimited. I didn't want to stick around for possibly 6th place (you get nothing) I said thats ridiculous and said well I don't want to compete if I can't go novice so I left and I'm going to do 1 of 3 things.

1- compete next weekend
2- bulk for a week clean with slin then compete in April.
3- bulk clean for 3 months then cut for september.  

18 Mar 2007 06:36
will power
Good luck!!!  

18 Mar 2007 18:16
hey canni.
good to hear you had a postative experiance. Now you know how to come in stronger for your next competition.

Are you in a hurry to compete again?
Do you think it would be a good idea to wait, build up a certain weak point, than come into your next competition bigger and better rounded?

All I'm saying is. If you compete this weekend, do you think there will be any differance? Or...Waiting till April? That's only next month. Really, will there be a derastic change in your physique?  

18 Mar 2007 18:54
Canni knows what he is doing.. He is in awesome physique now .. his comp is on the weekend.. he got this.. right canni.. Smile ..  

18 Mar 2007 22:15
This is how I see it.

Let's say you are applying for a job..Let's say a banker.
You build up great confidence and knowledge, you do research on the company. You are preparing yourself for the interview.

Okay, you go in for the interview. After the interview is over... The manager tells you that you are not qualified enough for the position...

So.. What are your options? You are not going to re-apply for the same position next week, hoping that this time, he will hire you. You are going to go back to school, get more education.. Than re-apply, right?

This is what I am saying. Canni knows what he is doing. Why compete this weekend, or, next month?

Continue to build your physique, gain some mass, do the whole process of bulking than cutting ect... Prepare yourself for next competition when there are derastic changes in your physique.

Knowing that your build is bigger and stronger.. in the end, you will get the job.

It's a win win situation.

I've never competed, but, it's only logical thinking.  

19 Mar 2007 07:32
I really don't know what to do I'm going to try and keep getting lean and filling out possibly for the late April show but I still don't know. You got a great point Aaron with waiting until september. What does some of the other mods thinks? Are you guys even there anymore? :D  

19 Mar 2007 08:10
I am not understanding what this unlimited thing is..So you did the show and how many were in your class? You thouhgt you had 6th but didnt know?

IMO you need to go back to a productive offseaosn and do it right work on your weak areas..I compete to win and should any BB as long as you do your best you have won..Canni you got work to do on a few things so get a better prep guy and focus on the rest of the year as a soloid offseason dont get anymore then 11-12% and do the early shows in 2008..Do you have pics of yoursefl on stahe posing and next to other guys in your class? Learn from all of it.  

19 Mar 2007 16:43
their were like 20 in unlimited and I think 12 in midweight, the unlimited would have kicked my a$$ because of all the 35+ year olds with aesthetically perfect bodys for bodybuilding. One of the camera men were following me around and he was similar to Elton John, read me? So I was nice and kinda asked him what my placing was for prejudging. He said unlimited don't plan on getting anything but you just missed the cut off for a trophy (6th place) I got the guys name and I'm sure I'll see him again because he said he wants to "follow me through my career" he mentioned I'm going to do well since it was my first show but that was after the fact, granted he was staring at my crotch I had my girl there to watch my back Wink I'll look into some pics but I have to contact the guy and I have a form to order some so maybe I'll do that. All I know is they took a lot of pictures of me like everywhere I was someone was filming me or taking a pic it was kinda cool being high profile.

one gentleman kinda pissed me off because I asked him what his diet was he said I don't really watch my diet I just didn't drink water. He was shredded at 195 at 5'5" huge  

19 Mar 2007 18:50
Storm- I totally agree with you I actually look better now than I did during the show as stupid as it sounds. I was thinking the same thing about never getting above 10% again its honestly too hard to lose all the weight.

Chicken, rice, steak, potatoes, broccoli, and test enanthate here I come.  

19 Mar 2007 18:54
will power
At least you showed up. Mine is comming up in a few months and i am already thinking i might not be ready in time. I guess just going and doing it is the first step. congrats how ever you'll place at your next show.
How often did you pratice your pose??  

20 Mar 2007 00:42

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