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Hey, i was taking Deca and Dbol for a few cycs and was not really happy with the results. Is there anythere anything that you would suggest to take now? I am looking for the most muscle growth possible and also want to keep cut up. Please give me you suggestions and let me know what you think.  

12 Mar 2007 17:33

get a better diet  

12 Mar 2007 17:52
cuz you took deca and dbol with no test. you didnt figure that out the first time?  

12 Mar 2007 19:08
what test should i take with it then? ive been looking around and there are a few that test makes. which one is the best to stack with it? and i have a huge diet.  

13 Mar 2007 14:42
why dont you post your stats diet lifting schedule etc. More than likely, if youre not gaining on gear your diet is shit and your training is off.  

14 Mar 2007 21:43
i would do Test CYp and EQ. i hate Deca  

14 Mar 2007 21:56
[QUOTE=Dex]i would do Test CYp and EQ[/QUOTE]

what he said.  

15 Mar 2007 00:48
Im 6'1" 186, 11 bmi,

Morning - 3 egg whites, protein shake, 1 bowl of granola
Preworkout - 1 protein shake
Postworkout (lunch)- 2 baked chicken breasts, brown rice, 2 large glasses or milk small salad, bowl of fruit.
Late afternoon - Pasta, wheat bagel
Dinner - Steak, potatos, mixed veggies, brown rice
Late night - Protein shake and bowl or shurbert

This is usually what i have throughout the day in large quantities in all things. Its about 3500 to 4000 caleries a day. I you think it sucks let me know and if you have something that is working out good for you post it so i can try it.  

15 Mar 2007 15:01
how many carbs you doing before preworkout??? how old are you?  

15 Mar 2007 20:01
preworkout is only about 1200. its hard for me to get alot in because my mornings are very busy and tough. i start my workout at about 1130am. I am 22 years old.  

16 Mar 2007 13:37
There shouldnt be milk in your PWO.

PWO should be a shake with dex in it.

Then an hour later have the meal u are currently eating.  

16 Mar 2007 23:42

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