Just started my 2nd cycle

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What's up guys? Just started my second cycle last week. I've been taking drol 50 for the last week and pretty happy with it. I was taking one a day then bumped it to 2 a day but I started feeling really tired and out of it, kinda sick, so I went back down to 1 pill. Other than that my cycles going good. Just wanted to let yall know how its going.


23 Feb 2007 20:55

Anadrol only cycle?  

23 Feb 2007 22:23
[QUOTE=estray]Anadrol only cycle?[/QUOTE]

and even if it isnt i still wouldnt recommend taking adrol for just your second cycle  

23 Feb 2007 23:19
no, also test e and eq  

01 Mar 2007 00:56
I did a cycle of anadrol 50, I felt like my head was going to blow off my shoulders, personally I wouldn't take it again. Did it with test e, I did get some good results, but lost it real fast after going off.  

01 Mar 2007 21:25

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