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I Am Considering Trying 17hd Stacked With Viraloid. Has Anyone Tried These? Do They Work? Any Feedback Would Be Appreciated.  

17 Feb 2007 02:02

Im currently taking 17HD.

I've heard that for alot of people it doesnt work. You dont really want to take it past 3PM. If I take it past that time, I wont fall asleep until midnight. However it is best to take it within an hour of your workout, so if thats real late for you, I would also advise picking up a bottle of melatonin. Melatonin is a sleep aid thats tells your brain that its night time. Its most common use is for people who travel to alleviate jetlagg.

17HD seems to cause a testosterone spike, rather than a constant testosterone boost. It also effects mood. I've heard some people get angry, I tend to feel more confident when Im on it. It's more of a mental boost for me, so Ill pump a little harder.

However, the stuff is expensive. If you've got the extra cash to blow, go for it. But, if that cash is going to decide whether you get sups or eat better food, spend it on food.

I notice this is your first post here. If your looking into sups because your not seeing progress, read around this board. There's lots of experienced members here and plenty of knowledge to get ya going.  

17 Feb 2007 09:22
thanks alot, do you know anything about viraloid?is it worth stacking?  

18 Feb 2007 02:29
That depends, how old are you?

I've heard they're a great stack, however if your under 21 that may be too much testosterone in your system at once.  

18 Feb 2007 06:02
Im 35,only Been Training Steadily For About 5 Years. I Tried Fizogen On Off Cycle,t Bomb2,with Minimal Gains.i Recently Tried Vitrix,i Did See Gains In Strength Not Any Size But I Did Feel More Aggressive With A Shorter Fuse. I Imagine This Stack Will Do The Same.  

19 Feb 2007 00:59
Big Wes
I have been using 17hd for about 3 months now, and I like it. This is the second thing that I tried and it works!! I put a friend of mine at work on to it. we deal with Psyche patients and have to be on point all the time. We like it a lot. I went to a training class on managing aggressive behavior, and in the class it took 6 guys to hold me down for the demonstration. I took 17hd at the begining of the class. VIRALOID: I just got a bottle and have not used it yet but there's talk of it being a good stack so I'ma try it. I may try it alone first so I dont confuse 17hd power with it! Yeah thats a good idea.  

07 Jun 2007 06:35
Big Wes
hey I take 17hd to and I like it a lot!! I just got the viraloid and I want to try the stack but I'm gonna try the viraloid by itself first so I dont confuse 17hd's power with it. I want to make sure that the viraloid actually works first by itself

[QUOTE=esen71]I Am Considering Trying 17hd Stacked With Viraloid. Has Anyone Tried These? Do They Work? Any Feedback Would Be Appreciated.[/QUOTE]  

07 Jun 2007 06:43
i used 17HD and it didnt do shit i thought it was garbage but everyone is different  

07 Jun 2007 07:03
i thought garbage too.  

07 Jun 2007 18:15
same here.tried it,it sucks  

07 Jun 2007 18:45
are you taking it daily or just before workouts?  

09 Jun 2007 01:08
i took it daily  

09 Jun 2007 01:55
i just tried 17hd today for the first time,and i have to say i was impressed.i had much more energy,strength, and endurance.maybe it was mind over matter but i dont think so.i plan to continue taking it only on workout days.  

11 Jun 2007 23:29
I'm on my second cycle .. did it for a month, took one off.... i like it alot... i feel like i'm more focused during the workout, very intense...  

13 Jun 2007 00:10

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